How old were you when....

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George Washington
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby George Washington » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:13 pm

Ok.... so.... started thinking of it fairly early on (like 2nd grade?) but nothing physical. First time I really got a hard on was playing Mario Paint (yeah..... strange) and I made custom stamps that looked like boobs and such. So, I thought I was a rebel and when I discovered I had gotten a hard on (and pre cum) I got really freaked out and thought I had done something horrible and stopped immediately. This was when I was around 7-8ish.

I also searched for Sailor Moon porn back in the early internet days and honest to God found... nothing. The comp was in the living room so I got up reallllly early and used a sleeping bag zipped up to where I could be inside and used the opening to cover the monitor so that if someone came in, they couldn't see what I was looking at. I was pretty bummed. This was probably around 3rd or 4th grade too.

First time I masturbated (and I use that term very loosely) was the summer break from school when I was around 14. Had friends telling me they had done it and that it felt amazing. When I came I had no idea what the fuck happened and just kind of worried myself to sleep. First porn was actually Furry stuff to be honest. So I would make CDRs of porn and play them in my DVD player (didn't have my own comp). I used an old pillow with a hole I cut in it with a screwdriver. Hurt like hell because of the extreme friction... and it got real icky inside after I had just came inside it all the time (no idea what the hell I was thinking looking back). Did it so much my willy got sore and it worried me again.

I had this ball thing that was from a toy I had when I was younger and started putting it between my ass cheeks and noticed it felt good... so tried other things. And that developed my interest for anal play at a very young age. I've always liked experimentation I suppose. So a lot of my sexual experiences was unnecessary worry.

Lost my virginity at around 23ish I think, with my girlfriend who I've been with for 7 years now. Both of us are extremely open with each other and we couldn't be happier. She was younger than me, so I waited until she was comfortable to actually have sex. We played around quite a bit with oral before that (and I got a

But.... I have to say I miss the good ol days when jacking it was a fascinating, naughty thing.

Mr. Washington
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Sabre » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:56 pm

I was 13

Just got a new video game and was super excited to play it. Woke up at 4:00 in the morning to play it. I had no concept of time at that age LOL

Well it had lots of explosions and the controller was rumbling just about constantly. Vibrating, resting against my lap. I thought that felt kind of good and pursued the feelings. That was that :stick:
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Badpaws » Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:30 am

we had just both turned 11. lived down the street from each other. I had a very dysfunctional family, she had a stable one. Both parents liked me, one day we were alone while they were shopping and well, one thing led to another and her mom walked in. I thought I was dead. Her mom took us both out to her dad, and asked Lu (Lucinda) what she was thinking.... as bold as brass she told her mom I was the one and we were to be married.

I thought I was still dead. Her mom said to her dad, "well". Her dad said I like the boy, I will kill him if he leaves her, get her on the pill. Lu was a head strong little red head....just like her mom. And her mom ruled her dad. Lu ruled me for the next 5 year....sadly a drunk driver killed her or we would be mates to this day. Oh well, life happens.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby RayRay » Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:36 pm

I was a super late bloomer. The idea of sex and masturbation made me super nervous to the point of being disgusted, so I didn't even try until I was 18. I knew nothing about my body and couldn't find my clit so just tried thrusting my fingers in over and over and came away incredibly disappointed. I also had a lot of internalized hate about my vagina anyway so I didn't really explore at all.

It wasn't until I lost my virginity at 21 and figured out how enjoyable sex and touching down there could really be. That said, I didn't even figure out how to orgasm until I was about 23. I was still so super nervous about sex that I couldn't relax enough for it. But now I think I've got it all down.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Caracal » Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:49 am

@Badpaws: I'm so sorry. I guess that doesn't mean much from a stranger, but... Well, it's impressive that you've picked yourself up after that.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Raevos » Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:15 pm

Around 9 or 10, I would get a hard on, and to fix it I would dry hump my pillows. Eventually I started to use my hands, and shortly after began to ejaculate. I never watched porn, because I was told that it was a sin. Then I realized if it made me feel good and I didn't regret doing it, who cares what others thought. By age 14, I found the furry community, and was hooked. Now, I just bought my first toy, the gryphon, and its fantastic :D
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby AcroJet » Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:47 pm

About 12 for masturbation, and late 20s for sex.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby NoXzema » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:12 pm

I was a late bloomer... first time masturbating was secretly watching Spider Babe on HBO. I was about ~14.
Alpha Azure
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Alpha Azure » Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:07 am

My story starts when I was about four or five. I was either in kindergarten or about to be. I was playing outside in the parking lot of the apartment buildings. Riding around on a bike and training wheel when a kid (though at the time he looked to me to be an adult) called me over and asked of I wanted to see a secret. I was curious and naive so I agreed. There was a crawl space like gap under the building or what not. He lead me to a mattress that was under there for some reason and laid down. He pulled out an illustrated porn magazine and it captivated me. That's when he started asking questions I don't recall except for one. "Ready for the secret?"

I was unaware at the time that my sexual hormones had waken up. And being curious, I didn't stop him from sliding my shorts down. He followed suit. He reached over and used his hand on me and I returned the favor with out asking, monkey see monkey do sort of thing, If I remember correctly. I didn't climax and neither did he but it felt nice the whole time.

My next encounter, was first or second grade. It was some vacation time and I was home alone. Parents working and brother playing with friends. I was wanting to watch a movie so when I ejected the VHS player, there was something inside. The title being "Royal Ass Force". Curiousity bit my ass again so I played it. Full on opening of a woman being triple penetrated. Later in Life the, the intro to that segment said one of the guys was Micheal J Fox. I couldn't prove or disapprove it though. But again, I got aroused, but didn't think to touch myself until the cum shot scene. I tried masturbating after that but nothing was accomplished. It was around third grade that I think I accomplished my first dry-firing orgasm. Loved it.

Growing up still, with a medical assistant mother, she wasn't shy about describing the birds and the bees or explaining anatomy. She even how books on the human body, showing me the workings of the penis and vagina. So all my life my sexual exposure was constant.

Internet came at around six or seventh grade and even though my mother put up a filter for AOL, she didn't know we also had internet explore and a second user profile. It was there that I leaned about bi sexuality and homosexuality. The latter turned me off and the former did as well but not as much because there was a girl in thee pictures and movies.but the concept of a guy can play with his asshole was alien to me. Even cross dressing. Though I don't do it now, then my mother's panties (because she was the only ladie in the house) did arouse my a bit. As far as anal play goes, I only used my fingers really. Tried a few objects but they were hard and unyielding, and therefore unenjoyable.

First girlfriend came in freshman year, didn't last long. Only long enough to feel up her lady bits, finger her and received a half ass blow job. Didn't even cum.

Next milestone was around twenty. I found furry porn and through that... I found bad dragon. And that changed my masturbating experience for good. Thank you.

And lastly, my virginity was lost at twenty to. A co-worker wanted me to accompany her to a bar for her birthday. I was driving so I couldn't drink too much but her plan was to try and get me drunk an see if I had feelings for her. (Which I did. We both worked well together for two year and would rather have her as my partner than anyone else at work). I was catching the hint all night that she was hidin something then she dropped that question. On one hand I would have liked to hook up with her but on the other if the relationship god sour, I've lost a good friend. I took my chances and we went to her place and had sex. She was surprised (and maybe she has a right to be, I don't know what the average is) that for a virgin, I was able to go five orgasms before stopping. But end result, even though she was In Her early thirties, she left me for someone old enough to be her father. She was the last sexual encounter I've had with some one else too.

My god I write a lot looking back
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Wabbit68 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:23 am

I was twelve and a half (remember how important the and a half was back then?). I can't remember what what led me to the idea but I lubed up a pill bottle and stuck my lil' throbber in there. Almost in an instant BAM! Whoa!!!??!! What was THAT??? That felt really really weird and very GOOD.

Ha! Imagine that, my first sexual experience was with a "custom" made sex toy!!! Now as an adult I'm still in to custom made sex toys!

I didn't put the cumming thing together until the second or third time. After that I explored other ways to get off. ...the more things change...the more things stay the same.

It's taken a long time to become comfortable with my sexuality. The anal thing, in hindsight, started when I was a young teen. I connected a ballon to the end of some aquarium hose, inserted the thing up my bum-bum and filled it with water. That was an amazing sensation!

So yeah, a ballon and some water were the gateway to XL BD toys! If someone from the future would've came back to tell me what the future held, I would have been traumatized to say the least! Life's a journey, isn't it?

Here is to all those coming-of-age stories. May yours be good ones and if not, may you heal and grow to become stronger and compassionate to others with similar experiences. They'll need you, you know. No one can help like another person who has dealt with the same trouble.

Happiness to you all.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby nop » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:46 am

I began to masturbate at the age of 8 years old... When I was a child, it was in a " mechanique " way, just physical , I remember that I pressed my clitoris by making movements against the corner of my desk. I remained dressed. Feeling shame and disgust when I ended.

It's between my 12 and 13 years (with the puberty thus) that I began to imagine scenarios, images, when I masturbated, it was not more just physical , and I strated to understand the emotional notion in pleasure , at the same time my body was more reactive, my orgasms came along with sweatiness, I began to moan, masturbation became more and more natural, no more feeling of shame...

From 14 years I had understood the role which played these moments in the learning of pleasure and self- knowledge , then I wanted more, so I masturbated naked, I tried to find what kind of caresses pleased me, and which places of my body could be erogenous. (I had greats erotic dreams has this age, was even "rudely" awaked by an orgasm sometimes), guess It's logically that afterward, I found an interest in sex-toys and vibrators... it's seems like masturbation helped me, (especially during my adolescence ) to accept my fantasies my sexual orientation, and to like my body

In conclusion: it's healthy for the mind and the body :fap:
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Sitahl » Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:01 pm

I honestly don't remember but I do remember that I was given 'The Talk' at 7. My whole family is a highly sexual open family, so yeah....guess it's a norm in the family. xD
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Reyvanna » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:17 pm

We were an absurdly late bloomer: we were 17 years old before we realized what arousal was and made the connection to masturbating :downs: We had watched porn before but we didn't know that we were aroused :mystery:
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby FistyWolf » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:27 pm

It starts with the fact that I have an older brother (7 years older) that thought it would be funny to try and shock me with his junior high biology book and tell me about sex. What it did was made me overly curious about it. I was young when I first masturbated. Not really sure of the age but I was young enough that I could not physically ejaculate. I was in a bathroom stall in a department store and through a hole in the stall door saw some man stroking his own dick. It made me think that it must be something good if he was doing it "out in public" and that coupled with the very vague knowledge I had about sex led to me trying it when I got home and had some privacy.

As far as sex goes, my first time was at age 12. It was at my girlfriends house and we were hanging with friends when she pulled me into the bedroom and asked me to have sex with her. It was only memorable because it was my first time. The only thing that I can say about starting so early is that it allowed me to hone my skill and let me be a skilled lover for my wife (the love of life) and now at age 42 having the most incredible sex of my life.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby FlashFuschia » Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:01 pm

Oh I remember it specifically.

I was 14 and I was sleeping one night and had a dream where I masturbated and all that biznazz and then I woke up and was all like "what the hell let's try it" and I remember like the whole feeling with it and stuff, but when the climax came, I freaked out because I thought I was peeing and was all like "oh fuck I'm gonna pee all over my bedroom shitshitshitshit" and then it wasn't pee and I just continued to freak out in bedroom in silence for like an hour before going back to sleep.

Still virgin though so.
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby HighSpeedSteel » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:16 am

Masturbating was at around 13-14 pretty much figured it out from porn lol and as for actual sex well.... ill give you guys an update when it happens LOL!!
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby MilesLupine » Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:28 am

It was age 11 or 12 for me. Kind of have Dirty Jobs to blame for it to XP It was the horse breeding episode ^^; It kind of lead to me doing some anal probing and that in the shower and as things went along slowly started to figure out what I was doing but had no idea exactly what it was. Back then my family was quite a bit more religious and did go to a private school and they were kind of vague beyond the anatomy part and how the body changes ^^; It was one of those abstinence kind of sex ed deals but my dad (that never married my mom so they never lived together) did introduce me to the concept of condoms and actually inflated one like a balloon o.o And well there was also that one episode of South Park that he let me watch and he had to explain quite a bit XP

As for sex, jump forward a decade to earlier this year. It was with my 3rd ex. Had no idea what the hell I was really doing ^^; Took us a few times more before I had a better idea of how to do stuff but he always ended up sore no matter what I did >< And because he constantly had major trust issues that lead to me being pushed away. Gave him a chance to get over them but he just couldn't and I can't really be with someone that doesn't trust me.

Also CSI was my introduction into furries so you can tell that was a bad first impression. But when I got older did some research of my own and found out how CSI was far from the truth. Forget what show it was but did actually see a segment of a show on G4 that actually gave a true view on furries and it made me feel a lot better ^^
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby AlphaBlue » Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:51 pm

I think I was 11 or 12 when I first figured out what my junk was actually good for. I had been playing a video game at the time and typed in the initials to the game and .com instead of the full name and ended up on some oiled up lesbian orgy site. I was absolutely stunned at the time and clicking all over like mad til I saw a video of a guy giving a woman a facial in a short sample porn. So I decided I wanted to figure out how to do that and just copied it til I made a mess all over the wall lol. Wasn't til just a little later I started getting wet dreams and making messes in my sheets anyway.

I remember being so excited about it a couple years later that I asked my 13 year old friend who was a girl if she masturbated too...probably one of the most awkward moments in my life since we were best friends >< From there I eventually found my way to those porn sites with 20 second clips and went through hundreds of them (not knowing a thing about website history which eventually caught up to me later) and also Newgrounds. That was where I was first introduced to furry stuff in flash games and things a year or two later and got into hentai too. It wasn't til I was about 17 or 18 that I actually got into anal, being curious over the whole prostate thing and trying to figure out where mine was. That was a pleasant discovery haha.

Still a virgin but happily sitting on 800gb of porn and over 1k worth of toys :smile: ah that all brings back memories
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby kingsley » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:01 pm

Northrain wrote:
Bloodyreader wrote:I was never into video porn growing up because I had a 56k connection and couldn't watch it.

you can't say you've used dialup unless you've waited a week for "horsedick.avi"(with a resolution of about 300x200) to download over limewire... :laugh:
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Re: How old were you when....

Postby Akanisen » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:52 pm

I was 12 (I think, maybe 11), and I was in the tub cleaning myself. While doing so a finger slipped in, and then I went "So that's where babies come from." (I knew they came from the vagina but didn't know where the vagina was XD ) I think it's pretty obvious what happened after that XD
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