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Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Postby MachineDoll » Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:18 am

Hephaistos wrote:Still feel a little awkward about owing one and I don't really know where to put it yet. But I'd definitely buy it again.

I wouldn't feel awkward about owning one. At the end of the day, it is just a tool to give you pleasure. Its just a more complicated vibrator really. I suppose I should make that post about sex machines.
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Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Postby Ghost_the_Crow » Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:42 pm

Hey, it‘s me again!
How are you guys doin‘? Good? That’s great!
So, as I already stated I snagged a Leilani over at DM. And impatient as I am of course I had to try her out asap (meaning tonight, a few mins ago).
And even if this won’t be super in depth (pun not intended) this is gonna be kind of a mini-review.

Well, as always I put Leilani (referring to her as Ley from now on) in the microwave. Disclaimer: Don’t put actual people in there, only silicone friendos! Still have to figure out a good time. 1:30 on Max is already pretty close.
Then I lubed her up and myself as well, putting a paper tissue in the back to prevent my gunk from flying out.
Prior to all that I was checking the tightness chart the friendly forum users put together and since Ley is above average there and was claimed to be „too tight“ I was expecting something close to Rowan, not as much though. Yet, I was positively surprised that she has just the right tightness.
Looking at the Shop site and her internals they looked pretty heavily textured but even that was nice and subtle. Either that or my dick is just numb for some reason...
Anyways, for me it was a pretty nice and gentle, yet firm experience and I don’t regret getting her.
That’s it from my side, have a nice day like me.
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Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Postby JackalJames » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:25 am

Oh man long time no see, super glad the forums are still open! I went a while without touching any of my toys or myself really due to depression and messed up hormones, but I’m back on testosterone and in a better place mentally which means I have been wildly horny again lol

I’ve been practicing taking things anally and oh gods it’s been such a good experience I haven’t even been messing with my boycunt. I started with riding my s/5 pretzel and let his tip gently poke and rub at my hole to relax me before pressing the head in. Once I get past the large bumps in his shaft I’m in bliss, sliding those first couple of bumpy inches in and out of my tight hole makes me hungry for more. I always imagine I’m being force bred by a swamp wyvern when I use that toy. I keep pressing down and feel my hole stretch around the middle of the toy when it starts getting a bit too thick so I resume my slow in and out penetration, pulling out til just the head is in and slipping it back in until I’m pushing my limits and each time I get a little further down. Finally I hilt pretzel and let myself enjoy the stretch and imagine being filled with cum and being praised for taking the whole length of his cock. As I’m stroking my t-cock I rock and grind on him until I’m almost to the edge and then I slip him out of my now messy hole.
Next I pull out my m/3 cole and easily insert his head, his firmness makes it difficult to get the rest in but as I keep pushing suddenly half his shaft surges into me at once and cole’s shaft is so thick it’s almost too much and I can’t help but whimper a bit. I start with small movements as I stroke myself and feel my hole relax more and slowly start to sink down further on that thick wolfy cock. My tight hole is stretched uncomfortably wide but I want it anyway, I want to take the entire shaft. I keep going until I reach that slight dip in the shaft right before the knot and I can barely keep upright, I’ve never felt so filled or stretched and I bounce on his cock, barely sliding out before I slam back down until his knot is pressing against me, far too big to take at this point. I can’t take anymore and I stroke myself to orgasm with cole as deep inside of me as he can be.
Eventually my goal is to be able to knot my s/5 fenrir and take my s/8 sleipnir

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