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Postby AustinFetish » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:33 pm

MachineDoll wrote:Anatomy just is what it is, there's no getting around it really. The vagina does expand when we are turned on a little, which I am assuming was what you were talking about with "relaxing," but it has nothing to do with relaxing and more to do with being in the mood. Rainbow Dasher is 100% that we're born with what we have, no different than a guy's member size.

Its really hard to answer your question AustinFetish, because for me, it is so dependent on how my mind feels about it. Today obviously I was browsing the forums here, and so the seed was already planted so to speak. I was already a little randy.

I've seen videos of people doing "cervix pounding," and I almost cramp up just watching it. I don't know how some people can do that and enjoy it. When taking Xar, for me it is imperative that I am at the right angle, and even then, I still am not able to take him comfortably. There's a point that I can get to, and it almost feels like a rubber-like texture right before the knot happens. Of course once I do pass that point, I am filled and can only hold him a few seconds before my body says "Nope!"

Coming back to the angle thing, my partner can't toy Xar to knot with me, because it requires such careful finesse, its impossible to say "up/down/etc" real-time like that.

Thanks for this reply too! It's really helpful to be able to ask these things and have experienced people answer. Especially from someone that takes more than is common, lengthwise.

Learning what angle works for someone must account for a lot. I can see how with XL Xar you walk a fine line and have to do it yourself.

I've had that experience of not being able to keep my max knot size in too. The legacy Breeder in large usually had to come back out after 5 seconds. One time I had an exception and rode it for 40 seconds or so well through an orgasm. XL Nox could stay it, but I wasn't dealing with a depth struggle by accomodating a little over half of the shaft.
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