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Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:55 am
by Crazyguy1990
Just had a session where I anally hilted every toy of mine except for my Medium Cody, Medium Blaze, Medium Flint, Large Bumblehooves, Large Spritz, and XL Nocturne. :cool:

Meaning I hilted:
- Medium Anthro Dragon w/cumtube
- Medium Kelvin
- Medium Crackers w/cumtube
- Medium Fenrir
- Medium Terra
- Medium Chance Flared
- Medium Roland w/cumtube & suction cup
- Medium Breeder w/cumtube
- Medium Bumblehooves w/cumtube

Didn't use Cody or Blaze because I couldn't be bothered getting them out, and hilting my Large Bumblehooves was just out of reach. I got past the medial ring on it, but my body wouldn't let any more in. :unamused:

But, for my first session in ages, it was a damn good run! :widesmile: :laugh:

My hole is still loose and I'd toy more, but it's nearly 1 am here.
Time for bed for this goat.

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Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:50 pm
by SparkyRaegun
Damn, okay, that's impressive -- Like seriously dude. :psyduck:

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Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:46 pm
by Bye Curiosity
I recently tried out my blaze in small 5. It has to be one of my favorite toys ever.....

I could almost fit the whole thing in my mouth and I was able to use it without any type of lube. If that’s not saying much, I don’t know what will.

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Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:29 am
by KnotyDes
my soft XL Orochi arrived on Wednesday and i had a little bit of fun with it. I was a bit worried about the scale texture, but in soft they don't feel abrasive at all, in fact they only heighten the sensation of thrusting with the toy. I was very happy to find that out. the shaft has a minor S shaped curve and this lets the shaft hit my P spot with both the top side of the shaft during shallow play and the underside when fully inserted. now the underside has these very subtle plates when combined with the scale texture on the sides of the toy make riding this thing quite an amazing sensation, almost overwhelming.

for me it not a very "big" toy at just over 3" thick and with 13.5' insertable, this is kinda my Goldilocks zone. comfortable girth with plenty of length to fill me up and I play with it at whatever speed i wish.

after one session i cant really say that it is a super amazing toy, but so far i am happy with it. Its also such a good looking toy in its Signature, love it.

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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:54 pm
by KnotyDes
been practicing fully inserting my old giant inflatable dildo. fully inserting this thing has kinda been a fantasy of mine pretty much since i first started using it. this the toy ... dildo.html
for a long time i was unable to handle the length so i could not insert the bulb at the base(which is not shown since it is fully inflated in the pic) also kinda a safety issue.
lately i have been "training" with a few of my large eggs and a few other toys i can fully insert, hold inside of me and confidently push the toy back out, L Fenrir is my goto for this. thats is base and all btw
yesterday i had a session where i pretty much fully inserted the toy, but couldn't quite get to the point were i could close up around it and let go of the toy. i need to push it in just a tiny bit more, but i quite literally blew my load and my session was over.
today i did it, well pretty much did it. much like with my emu egg the toy is thick enough that i cant close my hole when the thing is fully inserted. the second reason it would go deeper is the thing is 14" long and 4" thick. it kinda couldn't go any farther in, dont quote me on that, i'm still being very careful.
all i got say is wow. just everything about taking this whole toy is wow. the sight(i always have a mirror), the feeling and most important for me the thought of having this thing inside me. oh wait it also inflates. i got the thing up to around 7-9 pumps, so somewhere around 3.5-3.7" thick before i was overwhelmed and climaxed. that was something, as i climaxed i started to slowly let the air out of the toy. this let me have a nice full strength climax, but the scary thing was it also let the toy sink in a little deeper. combine that with my hole clenching and tightening up around the toy. there was a bit of a uh oh moment when i was extracting the toy. even with this slight scare i still never fully closed around the toy. i just had to relax a bit and focus on pushing the toy out. dont what to pull too much on the inflation tube. having that break off would be bad.

i will keep carefully practicing, i hope this will get me comfortable enough to finally let me take my XLSleip and other such large toys.

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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:26 am
by wizerdwolf
So I hit something of a minor landmark for myself with the session I just had...

I ended up toying with my thinner (1.75" diameter) double ended dildo, thicker different size ends (2.0 and 2.25-2.5-ish) double ended, and my M Wuffamute.

The first double ended dildo is getting easier and easier to stomach bulge and get past the bend with each session, though I can still only get it 15"-ish deep. The thicker side of the second double ended dildo is becoming a little more doable to get past the bend after warming up.

FINALLY THOUGH, finally I have gotten the head of my M Wuffamute past the bend! This has been the main thing preventing me from being able to hilt the toy (I should be able to get the knot past the tailhole without too much trouble) for the longest time. I was going to attempt to knot, but alas when I pulled the toy out to apply more lube, I guess the bend tightened back up, and it didn't really want to cooperate, so I decided to end the session on that high note.

Still a long ways to go till I can hilt my XL Chance, or even till I can get its head past the bend, but man it's going to happen eventually at this rate!

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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:13 pm
by KnotyDes
wizerdwolf wrote:Still a long ways to go till I can hilt my XL Chance, or even till I can get its head past the bend, but man it's going to happen eventually at this rate!

practicing taking thicker things past the bend takes a good deal of practice, the more you do it the easier it gets. Keep at it.

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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:59 pm
by KnotyDes
Had a very nice session with my El Rey today. i got lucky and was still clean from the activity over the weekend. first i warmed up with the inflatable dildo, didnt fully insert it, just to the bulb and alternated slow thrusting and inflating. when i felt i was ready i moved on. i have also come up with a new method of hydrating J lube on toys, apply a good amount powder to slightly wet toy and add small amounts of water while rubbing the toy over a long period of time. it not a very quick method, but the result is super thick and not clumpy. perfect for working very big toys deep and keeping well lubed during heavy thrusting.

which is exactly what happened. started on my back, just working the toy slowly into me, holding it as far as i could insert it until i was nice and open. Started some lite thrusting withdrew the toy, collected excess lube and worked it into me and back onto the toy reinserted with the underside of the shaft facing up. nice easy insertion paired with more holding and letting the toy open me up. a bit more lite thrusting only fueled my desire to rid the heck out of it.

I could take no more i got up cleaned off an area and the base of the toy, didnt want it slipping and sliding. Started off in cowboy, only slipped the first 4-5" of the toy in. I wanted to take my time and let my body take it at its own pace. with a little bit of bouncing i felt the toy slipping deeper and deeper with every bounce until i took all of the toy i was gonna take which is about 12-13." i cant quite hilt the toy, its just a bit to thick towards the head to get super deep, just something i gotta keep practicing at. now comes the real fun, i start my ride, first with some light bouncing, then that turned into moderate thrusting, which then turned into to some very heavy near fully length of the toy thrust. the whole time that wonderful swell is pressing ALL of my buttons, so good. And that wasn't even the "good" side. the underside of the shaft massages my prostate much better. So i withdraw, lube up and sit back down. same process as before insert a little bit of the toy and bounce on it until i works its way as deep as it will go. I can get a bit deeper in reverse cowboy, but it is a bit too intense. oh well i guess ill just fuck my brains out and so i did. I rode this wonderful toy for almost 20 minute straight. before long my thighs were starting to burn, but i ignored them focusing on the pleasure the magnificent textures and shape of the toy was applying to my happy well fucked hole. On and on i rode until finally my legs gave out. I then slumped back and finished myself off by hand with EL Rey still lodged deep inside me.

i can honestly not say how long I rode El Rey and could cum hands free, but it was still well worth it.

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:15 am
by Crazyguy1990
Just finished a short, 10 minute session where my Medium Blaze proved to be too big, but my Medium Nox was just right! :widesmile:
He made me cum pretty hard, too!
First anal orgasm I've had in ages! :smile:

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Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 1:11 pm
by MachineDoll
Note - no silicone toys involved, just a fantastic orgasm

So this might not technically be the right place to share, but I'm guessing few will mind, and those that do can skip over it.
For years I've preferred thrusting over vibration. I have 2 vibrators, a Womanizer Pro and Hitachi. Clitoral orgasms are amazing, but the Hitachi is really overkill for that, thus the smaller vibrator. My partner was over, and I was tied down. We often would have him toy me as part of foreplay. We had probably 30 minutes into our session, and I had a few smaller orgasms already. He got the idea for something new though.
I was blindfolded, and he asked if I was up to try something new. I said of course, expecting a new toy/present, given the time of year. I heard him stretching some kind of item, and then a push against the wall. I was already very wet, and was twitching ever so slightly waiting. I felt a soft push against my pussy from a fairly large feeling toy. It was very, very smooth. It slipped right in, and almost with a tiny pop. Oddly, it kind of felt like a knot, but I could tell it was a very small or very tapered knot if it was. He asked me to tell him when it was going too deep, and started to work it deeper into me. I told him when, and he careful started light thrusting with me.

It was unlike any toy I felt before. Clearly something new. I was dying to see what it was. It was almost like it was "catching" on me when he would take the strokes. My body simply didn't want it to come out. It felt incredible though, super smooth.

I had a small orgasm, and right as I was starting to come down from that, he hit me with it.

A sudden wave of vibrations shook my entire womb. Not from the outside, as I've always experienced. This was all internal. He had wrapped my Hitachi in a condom, insert the head and part of the wand inside me, and turned on the vibrations. Directly inside of me like that, my body jolted from surprise, extreme pleasure, and almost pain. I could hardly breathe. My arms and legs were taunt against the restraints, as I squirmed, trying to get away from the vibrations. I was confused, unable to think at all, and told him to stop, stop, stop. I couldn't handle it. He didn't turn off the vibrations. Each tiny movement I made trying to get away was another angle the Hitachi hit. It was unrelenting. I came and squirt faster than I ever have, with at least as much intensity as I can remember. However, it wasn't just once or twice. I had a full body orgasm, and my pussy contracted so much that it actually rejected the Hitachi out of me. He turned off the vibrations, and I continued to have contractions, post orgasms while I desperately tried to breathe. My partner asked if I was okay, to which I could barely utter an "mhmm!" I took a good 3 minutes before I was able to stop shaking.

Afterwards, my partner took off the blindfold and restraints, showed me what he did, and I was impressed. I've never had my body force a toy out like that before. It apparently legitimately was concerned when he saw that, thinking he went too far. I explained my side, cuddled up in his arms, and he smiled.

For someone that's never had a crazy time with vibrations (except for quickie clitoral orgasms), this was life-changing. For anyone with a Hitachi that can comfortably get it inside of you, I would definitely recommend trying it.

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Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:39 pm
by KnotyDes
long time no post, here's a short one of my exploits with my fucking machine and new toy, XXXL Cyrus King. i realize it now that writing about session using my fucking machine is kinda odd. its like put said toy on machine, it fucks me. whooo. not a lot of content. :laugh:

managed to hook up my new green monster, Cyrus King. hooo boy, does that thing rock. i had the machine set on a long stroke length, but because the head is shaped the way it is, fat. the machine kind of loads up then pops the head into my bend with force. It, um, felt both amazing and worrying. it really forces the head up in there. at first it was a bit much but after i weathered the first few thrust. that fat head started milking the heck out of my prostate. it had me leaking pre/cum like crazy. it did not take me long to climax with some assistance from my hand

the overwhelming "popping" sensation of that head make thing very intense, but, that head is also reasonable big. this means it can be, errr, damaging? there was a little red, not gonna lie. I was very warmed up as well, the head is just a bit too thick. still felt amazing.
maybe i need more practice.

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Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:52 am
by MachineDoll
KnotyDes wrote:long time no post, here's a short one of my exploits with my fucking machine.

What machine did you end up going with?

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 1:13 am
by KnotyDes
MachineDoll wrote:
KnotyDes wrote:long time no post, here's a short one of my exploits with my fucking machine.

What machine did you end up going with?

a used thunder balls pro.

it can be a bit awkward to get set up and have the machine hit the spots you want it to. getting the toy in you then having to get up and readjust the machine with your hands lubed up is a bit of a oof. once i get set up it does the job, pretty good.

the universal holder that came with it is pretty much useless. i gotta do some DIY stuff to get my BD toys working. :unamused: for now all my Mr hankey toys are seeing a ton of use because they have Vac u lock holes.

No hands free orgasm yet :crying: my quest continues

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Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:29 pm
by MachineDoll
KnotyDes wrote:a used thunder balls pro.

Thanks. Was looking for an honest review from a trusted source for one of the more expensive ones. Its so hard to commit that kind of money on a piece of machinery with so many unknowns.

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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:22 pm
by KnotyDes
MachineDoll wrote:Thanks. Was looking for an honest review from a trusted source for one of the more expensive ones. Its so hard to commit that kind of money on a piece of machinery with so many unknowns.

there are lots of things that you will be unaware of with the operation of a Fing Machine if you do not have experience or get others experiences.

the machine has to be secured in some way or it will move. I dont know if this is as relevant with smaller toys. using smaller toys requires so much less force. i have mine weighed down by some free weights and a dumbbell. anywhere from 40-70lps. i also have the machine frame bumped up against one of my trunks to keep it from get pushed back.

the big issue i have found is that a lot of toy require significant force to insert. toys with knots, large bulges or heads require me to increase the speed setting to get more power. thats just how an electric motor works. this either puts strain on the machine or force the toy in, in a faster manner than you are comfortable with. such as with my Cyrus King toy. I should also add that i cannot use my machine to insert knots in any manner. that said, i have used Beowulf to great effect with the toy already knotted with the machine set to a short thrust length.

not gonna lie getting the machine set up is kind of a pain. having to readjust something during a session, especially if something slips or somethings not quite in the right angle or height is very awkward.

i think we were looking at this thing the hugher Tango

it seems to be a very good machine, but IT IS EXPENSIVE! i cant say that its is worth 2 grand+. the ability to control everything accept the mount angle and height seem like a very nice creature comfort. adjusting the stroke length on my machine is a wing nut that i have to set. Another thing, since the hugher uses a pulley system, not a rotary system. makes the machine smaller and most definitely changes how power is delivered aka more even and smooth. plus all the preset and programmable feature makes it a much more of a set it up then let the machine do its thing without much input on the users part. a lot more freeing.

An issue i see right away with the Hugher system; securing the machine from moving around. since it a tri-pod u cant just drop a free weight on it. and rubber feet dont do much on carpet/rugs. but due to how the machine work or its porpoise aka normal sized toys, movement might not be a issue.

hope this helps feel free to pick my brain more

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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:48 pm
by MachineDoll
KnotyDes wrote:hope this helps feel free to pick my brain more

I should probably start another thread instead of derail this one. Or I'll DM you, but yes, I had several more questions, and certainly appreciate your experiences! ♥

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Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:36 pm
by KnotyDes
managed to get my Large flint hooked up with a diesel ford trucks oil filter seal, aka a big rubber O ring.


I cant even, fucking amazing. legit had me screaming. I was forced to bite one of my pillows to keep quite.

I also used Echo as a warm up, which was awesome, but damn did Flint just knock me out.

P.S. @ MachineDoll the old thread u made was deleted, rip. also thanks, i will be glad to share.

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:32 pm
by SparkyRaegun
Finally used my Mystic I've had for like several months now. Could only take him like 3/4 of the way, but he was great! And I'm still so in love with his colors!

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Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:17 am
by MachineDoll
So I have a silicone inflatable I picked up a couple months ago. Its more of a novelty than anything else. I don't get enjoyment from it per se. It helps set the mood, and lets me really stretch out though. Today I had a few small sessions (one particularly good orgasm with my hitachi that I passed out from without moving an inch in bed). Anyway, put in the inflatable, and pumped it up a bit. Few minutes later, pumped some more until it was just barely uncomfortable. Walked around a bit at home, and gave it some time. Pumped it up more, so on and so forth.

Eventually my body was saying "Nope, its time to come out!" So I went into the bathroom, and soaked under the hot water. Relaxed and very carefully, slowly let the inflatable out, without deflating it. I always like to visually see what I am able to get in and out of me. It wasn't the absolute largest I've seen it, but I did have an idea. I left it inflated, grabbed a fabric tape measure, and checked the circumference. 13 inches on the dot. It got me to thinking, and so I did some research. A typical newborn's head circumference is about 13.5 inches.

It was a bittersweet smile. I think next time I am going to get into a different position next time I "birth" my inflatable.

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Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:09 pm
by Hephaistos
MachineDoll wrote:next time I "birth" my inflatable.

Wish I could do that...

However, I got myself a f-machine pro that I was looking at for awhile now.
Starting with putting it together I have to agree it's well worth its money an all components are at a high quality.
I was very excited thinking about using it for the first time, so I could already feel my tummy heating up while building it. So I made the mistake to use it directly afterwards instead of going slow with some other toys first. It wasn't bad but I could not cum.

A week later I finally got to it again. I started slow this time to get myself really horny and ready for the f-machine. At this point I'd usually start using the XL toys because I want it so badly. I turned on the machine and tried to find a good position. First I was very disappointed, it was simply moving in and out not hitting any nice spots. Then I tried to change some things, the position, speed, size, etc. eventually I figured it out.

Once I put my body weight on the machine and it then started hitting my prostate really hard I couldn't stop moaning. I was a little scared in the begging to do so because I didn't want to hurt myself. Just a few minutes later I came twice and had to stop afterwards. The machine made such a mess out of me, I couldn't stand up for 15 minutes.

Still feel a little awkward about owing one and I don't really know where to put it yet. But I'd definitely buy it again.