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The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:53 pm
by Conrad
Come one, come all! Pull up a chair and regale us with your tales of silicone shenanigans!

...After lurking around the forums for a while and joining in on a few discussions, I can't recall ever reading a thread solely dedicated to stories of people's toy/play sessions! Stories seemed to always be mixed in and jumbled about in other threads. (The 'Naughty Pics and Vids' thread comes to mind).

So! I thought to myself, why not start a thread up for people to chat about their latest toy-sessions.. somewhere you can talk about your playtime without having to write up an entire review. Give people a place to gush about their last climax, brag about their latest size-conquests... A place where people can just vent and let loose about their pleasures, or even sexual frustrations, whatever they might be! Take the time to write and give people an idea of just how they feel!

To give an example...

I finally managed to (somewhat) conquer my XL Gryphon today. He's been quite the challenge, and also rather a struggle at that... But today's session, I finally managed it.

It started off easy enough... I was going to use my medium Clayton for warm-up, then jump to my XL Vasu in preparation for my Large Sleipnir! Clayton slid in easily. He's such a delightful ride in firm, with all those lovely, pronounced spines and ridges (I have a massive thing for ridges, nearly all of my toys have them in one form or another).

Rather than rush, I took my sweet time. Only moving to Vasu when that angled head of his could just slither up inside without any resistance. I popped a fresh bottle of Cum-lube for this, and it was delightfully sticky and slick as ever, leaving him coated in that lovely sheen of white. Normally I'm keen to take the knot as quickly as possible.. but I held back, rolling, pitching and grinding bit-by-bit, taking breathers every now and then to let my body relax.

Slowly, but surely that knot began to squeeze'n'slip without any discomfort, sliding in with a deliciously lewd squelch.. and there I sat, for a good while. Gently popping free now and then, only to slip Vasu right back in again with a firm grind, feeling him settle.

Eventually though, it came to Sleipnir's turn... and while I don't want to sour the mood of this post, he's was a bit of a disappointment in the end. Regardless, he left me a bit stretched for what was to come.

Now my XL Gryphon... I've been close before, but never actually managed to take him in his entirety.. until today. It was difficult... my legs were beginning to give way at this point, and I was just barely managing to hold off on a climax as the pressure from that massive knot of his ground against my prostate. Eventually though, with enough coaxing and bated breath, I felt myself slipping past the very last curve of that knot... and that was it. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I'd already been stroking myself to completion, and it hit like a freight train. I was shaking, madly. Insides clenching around that huge invader as my body struggled to cope with the intense pressure.. and before I even finished, I had to pull off of him, collapsing onto my bed beside me, dripping with lube and my own release.

I'm still goddamn weak at the knees, and in a state of pleasurable soreness down below, a constant reminder through the day of that release.

I'm far too eager to go again.


TLDR: A place for wordporn about your exploits. :laugh:

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:53 pm
by Samson
Following this because I am always curious to hear how others play with their toys.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:57 pm
by Tachyon1
Hehe, I was thinking of exactly starting the same thing to post this week but never really got around to do it. Being exhausted after work doesn't bode well for writing long paragraphs... So I guess I will share what would have to be the *best* session I have had in a long while last Sunday...

I was planning to do some play on during the weekend but was in no mood to do so on Friday after having another mind numbing 4:00 AM shift. Saturday was no good either, the weather was a dull, cool grey, all rain. Not exactly the kind of weather that gets you going. Just snuggled on my PC reading some manga. Sunday comes and I find that my folks are going out to the supermarket and I would be all alone. I took the opportunity to clean out upstairs in the bathroom.

After that, I eagerly ran back downstairs to my room and gathered the following toys for warm-up:

Vixen Creations Outlaw
Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12" Big Boy (Pink)
Fun Factory Tiger (black)
Rascal's Rim Raider

The other two are used when I get really into it:

Doc Johnson Realistic Bam Cock
Doc Johnson American Bombshell Ballistic

My room is actually a basement suite but I don't have any temperature control since its on the renter's side of the bottom floor of my house (renter is actually my aunt) and she likes to have it "warm". More like tropical was how my room was that day, doesn't help if you also have the boiler room as well. But I knew things would get a lot hotter :stick:

Took off my clothes and tossed them onto the bed and grabbed a bottle of Eden Lubricant's Aquaglide and slathered it onto the Tiger and applied the same to my already eager anal region after my clean out session earlier.

I quickly fingered myself to really get myself aroused to the point where I could actually fist myself. I like to do a bit of finger play before hand, just inspecting my own body is a very personal, sensual, and exciting experience. Just gliding my fingers around and in just to feel how eager I was to take on one of my largest toys. I slide my fingers out which were covered in the lube and proceeded to rub it on the Tiger and slowly inserted it in.

Now, despite the narrow diameter of the shaft, do not be fooled. The stubs on the shaft are so pronounced that for the inexperienced, it can take you down in one fell swoop. I remember when I first tried them a couple of years ago, I came so fast that I was more disappointed than satisfied. But now I have much greater control that I can sustain multiple anal orgasms with vigorous thrusting. It was also hit my prostrate so much so that I began to moan.

However, I had to keep shut as I can hear some rustling of plates in the renter's side of the basement and my folks getting dinner ready upstairs. I didn't want to rush to the larger toys as I wanted to be sure that I was mentally and physically prepared to take them safely.

I was now at the point where I can take the entire length of the Tiger with easy and even hold it there with my own muscles while walking around. I kept rapidly thrusting in and out and every time I had an anal orgasm, I pull out quickly at the same time to enhance the effect with success each time.

To stimulate the lower parts of the rectum even more, I started to use the Rim Raider and I knew fully well why they called it that! I started rapidly thrusting the Rim Raider in and out and it became harder to keep my voice down. I started to get very lose to where I can already start gaping. I grit my teeth with each anal orgasm that came.

To prepare for the deeper insertions, I began use the Outlaw. Applied more lube and inserted him slowly. Long and slow thrusts keeps my body informed of the length and girth of the toy and knocks at the door to my Sigmoid Colon. I don't go balls deep right away with him, I just prod around with what others call "The Wall". Since the diameter of the Outlaw isn't large, it is perfect for me to get deeper parts "aware" of the larger toys. I know full well that if you don't go slow, you will hurt yourself.

I got more confident with him so I put the Outlaw on my chair and I started going up and down thrusting on top of him. From the head all the way to the balls again. And again. And again...

At this point, I didn't even stimulate my own penis yet but I was already hard and starting stroking. But I had to be careful to control it since I didn't want to ejaculate without using the other toys I intended on using. I always feel that a good session is when you use the toys you intended to use at that time.

I started to clamp down on the Outlaw which each thrusts and stroke. Before I think I would burst, I let go and just sit on him until I get soft. I repeat that over and over again, denying myself ejaculation at the very last moment each time. I looked at the clock and I was doing just that for over 15 minutes. Despite its size, I can insert the entire length and clamp down hard enough that it won't come out, even after walking with him around which is also very stimulating.

I was now even more confident to move onto the Big Boy. The diameter is actually larger than the Outlaw and since it has no base, the entire 12 inched can be insert, handle and all.

Not sure if anyone else on this forum does this but, I have a fairly large mirror right beside my bed where it is supposed to be attached to the dresser in my room. But the only reason why I have it there is so I can actually see what is happening down below, its such a huge turn on for me to see myself gape open wide and to see such large toys going in and out, and then seeing the lube oozing out. This helped me a lot to really get me going with the larger toys I had.

I positioned myself back onto the bed so that I can see my own anus on the mirror. I took the Big Boy and started doing long, slow thrusts. I just saw that sucker disappear and re-appear again like magic. No matter how many times I see that, it never gets old, still amazed how I can even handle those sizes! Again, I don't take the whole thing right away, I prod The Wall. Took out the Big Boy and poured on more lube. I took another deep thrust and I was all the way in. Did some more thrusts and when the anal orgasms came, it pulled it out and gaped wide open.

I knew I was ready for the the larger two toys mentioned.

Luckily for my desk area, I have a thick plastic covering with small spikes on the other side so it grabs onto the carpet. I don't know what they are actually called, but it is made so that its easier for chairs to be slide in and out. I also use it for my toys that have suction cups! :stick:

I slapped down the Bam, lathered him up, and positioned myself on top of him. This dildo is easily in my top 3 because of the highly textured surface which stimulated my entire rectum at once like nothing else. I slowly lowered myself and head just pops right in. I then started to slowly thrust while on my knees. And I kept going, and going, and going, and going... When the next wave came at me, I pulled out and actually urinated onto the plastic covering at the same time. For me, that was a massive turn on. I quickly got back onto of him and kept thrusting. At this point, I was sweating bullets and it was a struggle to keep them out of my glasses. I would actually have to stop and get my glasses wiped off. I am blind without my glasses :laugh:

I kept thrusting on and on for more than an hour or so.

I got off and proceeded to the Ballistic. This toy is really like nothing I have had before. The ridges on this toys are so pronounced that you can feel it dragging your rectum in and out as you are thrusting. That may not be for everyone and the toy itself is not intended for beginners, but the feeling of it just sends electricity through my spine. It is also very stiff, would probably rate it a "12" against the BD firmness scale, it has very little give but I use that to my advantage so it can hit me at various angles with ease. I get into rhythm with my thrusting to where my entire body simply relaxes. From my shoulders all the way to my spread toes. It feel like a very light high for me at this point.

I felt that I was ready to take the Bam all the way to the balls. I switched to the Bam and slowly inserted him. When I get to The Wall, I push a little and then pull away a bit. I repeat this several times so that the entrance up there can get used to the size. I push and prod and pulled out again fully and applied more and more lube. I pushed in again until it popped in.

I pulled out again and I decided to use my Large Unflared (8 Firm) Chance at this point however, I was actually quite disappointed. I have used him a few other times in the past, but in this case, the head wasn't very pronounced enough nor was the shaft (or medial ring) and took him to the balls in one thrust. I tried to do several more thrusts with him but it didn't really hit me like the Bam did.

I went back to riding the Bam cock (sorry Large Chance!!).

This isn't the first time I stimulated my Sigmoid Colon but this session was different as I took more time for warm-up than usual. But boy, when you get a toy that far in... its something that is almost impossible to describe. It is somewhat painful for only a brief moment (but wouldn't even describe it as "painful" even..., maybe like a small pinch on your arm), the pleasure from it is simply amazing. I only got the head of the Bam in and pulled out again and had to rest because of the immense pleasure you get from stimulating that region. I hopped ontop of him again and and instead simply popping into the wall, I bottomed out the Bam and started rapidly thrusting in and out of the wall. Now, inserting a large toy into the wall is one thing, rapidly thrusting in and out is a different reality all together.

Its like having supernovas of orgasms that not only stimulate your lower parts, but your entire body. I was very hard at this time again and started stroking at the same I was thrusting. And the high I mentioned before increased dramatically that I was getting dizzy a little and my vision was getting a bit hazy but kept going. When I finally had that one big orgasm, I ejaculated all over the place while I still balls deep on the Bam on my knees. The massive intensity of that orgasm simply made my body collapse and I pulled out and simply layed on the carpet staring at the ceiling, taking deep breaths. I was probably on that carpet for a full 10 minutes before I came to my senses to get back up.

This is also why I am totally against any sort of desensitizers of any kind because you want to feel every ripple and ridge of your toy and how your body is reacting to it. Not only for the pleasure, but for the pain as well as that can be a sign where you need to do a full-stop before seriously injuring yourself.

A this point, I thought I was finished. So did a clean up of my surroundings and sprayed Febreeze around my room and onto my bed. I sat back down on my computer but was all of sudden really horny again and got hard. I used the opportunity to use the Ballistic again while on my bed. While on my back, stroking myself again, I was thrusting in and out again and I ejaculated a second time! This was after I had put my toys away and I was surprised that I was so turned on again thereafter. But I still wasn't satisfied, so I had the Ballistic on the carpet and went for another round and soon ejaculated a third time!

I soon fell asleep after... for another 4:00 AM shift the following Monday.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:16 pm
by Conrad
Tachyon1 wrote:I soon fell asleep after... for another 4:00 AM shift the following Monday.

That certainly sounds like one hell of a session! I envy your endurance. Frankly as soon as my motor gets running there's very little I can do to stop myself. Quite sensitive down below! (As soon as I saw your username pop up I knew there'd be quite a read!)


If anyone gets the chance... fancies such a thing, I'd highly suggest using a penetrable... as an insertable! Then stuffing it with another insertable!

I'd read about folks trying on it here a few times before, and thought 'Why the hell not'? after a good session had left me stretched and ready. My weapons of choice were Mary, and my large Gryphon. It was a very peculiar sensation to slide Mary up, and then toy with her while she was buried up to her fascia. Dulled in sensation, almost.

Though, once I brought my Gryphon into the fray, it became rather pleasurable. I could feel Mary stretching and practically doubling in size. I can only imagine it is similar to what a cored toy might have felt like... stiff and firm in the middle, with a good bit of give on the outside.

The best thing was knotting her though. I ended up actually being able to ride my Gryphon with Mary still inside, and the resulting pop of his knot into her made her bulge obscenely within me. It was interesting, and rather fun... though lacked the firmness of a good and proper knot that I usually like.

Still, I'd recommend giving it a go! :stick:

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:46 am
by AlphaBlue
This is a pretty basic one but I didn't want to post too much in detail somewhere in the off topics. Sorry for the short version, I'm flat out exhausted (and hungry) and I didn't even read this whole thread so far yet. But I will tomorrow morning! Anyway...

:shock: .... :psyduck: .... :twisted:

Just had a completely private night to myself with no one at home and decided to take out all my new toys (except Scorn, tomorrow night though). Definitely one of my most amazing sessions ever...

small 8 Apollo
small 5 EE Raptor
small Basilisk sheath
large 8 Gryphon
medium 3 Flint

Apollo was fun, surprisingly nice in firm which I ordered it as on purpose. The textures really came out to play.

The Raptor...hmm. I love the shape and the head especially but the knot was a little hard to get due to it's shape. It was fun but my biggest complaint is I think it's too small. I may end up selling him here :cry: .

Basilisk sheath I had a good time with haha. Mine is Atomic Blue that I bought secondhand and it kept it's glow the entire hour long session. I wore him the whole time ^^ it was actually pretty fun to stroke with while toying with the tailhole!

Gryphon was a bit of a challenge, I think mostly due to the firmness and length but I did get down to the knot and almost had it, like half an inch more. It was a great warmup for Flint though.

Flint... :oops: . I was expecting to maybe get a couple inches in and practice a bit and finish off with something else. But despite Flint being so massive and dense, it was still sooo soft and I went the whole GD way to the balls on my first try! Holy nutballs though the amount of pressure...especially on my prostate once I got right to the bottom :aaaaa: :hawaaaafap: I almost got off right there, but ended up giving an attempt at riding it a bit to a decent amount of success and couldn't take it anymore and finished off with the sheath XD

But now I am several hungry and feel like I haven't eaten in days...I think my body's way of telling me to replace all that protein I lost XD but seriously a couple more sessions like that and I really need to get some reviews done!

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:06 pm
by Conrad
I don't know why, but I always get the munches after a good session! Helps to calm me down after the rush of a climax.

Funny little thing I tried today... I'd been idly thinking about Bad Dragons old cored toys... And then caught sight of Wereable while I was filling a syringe full of cumlube.

Turns out, the large Wereable is the perfect size to slide over one of BD's syringes with a little bit of lube! And hey presto! Makeshift cored werewolf dildo with a big, sticky mess loaded into the firing chamber! It was perhaps a littl too stiff really, but it was still a good bit of fun!

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:53 am
by MilesLupine
Writing this the morning after.

So last night decided to break out my recently repaired Natascha for a go. Got a pillow on the edge of my bed to help get the toy up to a better height to use and put a blanket down to try to contain mess that way would not have an awkward cold spot to sleep on. And decided instead of just removing my pajama pants completely, I just pulled them down to around my ankles to prevent my feet from getting a bit of a chill that would throw the mood off.

Now when it came to prep, used coconut oil to lube myself up and put a bit in my Natascha. I then added some cumlube into the Natascha, reason being the oil and water based lubrication I was using would not exactly mix thus keeping slicker longer with ease. Now because of the time it took to set up, had to fidget with myself a bit to get back to being stiff enough for penetration. I carefully squeezed the face of her to make penetration easier. Started off taking it slow and flipped some of the blanket over the back of the toy to muffle the noise. And it was some pretty standard thrusting with some minor adjustment of the toy for several minutes. I was making sure not to go too fast and not to slow to get the most out of the textures of the toy.

I started to notice the angle I was going at felt a bit odd. So pulled out and took a moment to adjust how I had the toy propped up so it was higher. Got myself back in and things went a lot smoother. I ended up picking up in tempo and a few minutes later, quickly grabbed a tissue to block off the back hole of the toy to minimize mess that escaped the toy. After cumming, stood there for a moment before carefully pulling out. Went about typical clean up and was in a super cuddly state so ended up curled between some plushies as I drifted off to sleep in an afterglow.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:20 pm
by Chibity
Well, I’m VERY pleased. I just cracked open my second bottle of cumlube and just as I suspected, my first bottle was an absolute flop compared to this one. The strings are SO real, and it actually sits on the surface of my toy properly. The first batch I had was extremely watery, and pooled little droplets on the surface of the toy which would then drip right off. Yeah, it was that bad. It served its purpose once it was inside me, but even then, it dried very fast.

So, what can I say about the second bottle? It’s perfect. I now understand the difficulty of getting it to detach from the bottle, but I completely love it. Don’t have to worry about it dripping off my toy while I’m trying to close the bottle, either. It sits perfectly well, and covers the toy beautifully.

Anyways, might as well detail my adventure a little. I was waiting to have the house to myself for the past couple of hours so I could test it out, and in all that time I got rather eager, and a tad bit moist as well. By the time I had my chance, I tossed my bathrobe right off and jumped onto my bed with Hanns and my Teenie Weenie Dragoness Muzzle (she’s a dream. Should be her own toy. I swear.) I’m somewhat glad that I had to wait, because the sun was shining right on my bed at this hour, so I was feeling very warm and happy the whole time.

So, I started with the muzzle, who if you’ve seen my previous thread on her, you might know that I’ve taken a shine to using her for clitoral ‘penetration’. And she does work, very well. A simple up and down motion will feel like a little tongue and her lips licking you, and it catches me in all the right spots to create a very unique sensation that no fingers or a real large tongue can do. I love it, and she’s been a very welcomed warm-up for me. So, I enjoyed her until I felt like I couldn’t wait much longer, and got myself off through my fingers (which I’m just naturally better at doing than with the muzzle). If I’m not exhausted, then I tend to be very excited and active after a good orgasm, so that’s what I usually go into when I start actually using my toys.

Thus, next came Hanns. I was already incredibly moist from all the anticipation and the orgasm, but this was all being done to test out my new cumlube batch, so on it went. And wow, did it go on well. I actually had quite a lot of fun getting it onto his surface and playing with the strings for a little bit while I was getting the bottle to close. There was plenty on my fingers afterwards, but I just rubbed it back off onto him, and he was good to go.

With much thanks to that lube, I took him with ease, though the initial penetration with Hanns has always been a bit of a push since all of his thickness is in his head, and he’s also a medium size in soft firmness. He’s veeery flexible and silly. But I love it, ‘cause once he gets in, it feels like being parted by silky petals, and he curves right into the most comfortable position for thrusting. I enjoyed him for a while like that, and after a time I decided I would mess around with his knot. I find I can’t easily take it while laying down (he’s rather long for my parts), but I can get around the majority of him if I sit upright and press his base into me against my foot. After playing around with the lube against his knot, it eventually slid in, though he doesn’t really tie like any typical knot could. Rather, he stretches me and feels good for grinding against, and especially so with the nubs against his base. Pretty sure those were meant for grinding externally against, and yess, they feel quite nice.

I rotated between poses a few times until I was satisfied (and my arms exhausted, haha), which for me is more of a decision-based thing, since I don’t cum vaginally. Typically I pretend to bring the toy to climax, press it in really deeply, and just enjoy making silly vocals of pleasure. The female mind works well in this regard, ‘cause I find it very satisfying to do. Anyways, once I was spent, I slid him back out and enjoyed the taste of myself mixed with the cumlube on his surface. Hanns is just one of those designs that I find works very well for oral, since his girth and curve make him very satisfying to take. Plus, I just happen to find my own taste a bit intoxicating, sooo… win-win!

So, I’m pleased. Here’s hoping for many good batches of cumlube for me in the future, ‘cause I’ve definitely regained my faith in it now that I know what it’s actually supposed to be like.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:41 pm
by Conrad
Glad to see this thread startin' to pick up a little bit of momentum! I was worried it might fizzle out!

Good to hear from you, Miles and Chibity! Glad that you had some luck on the cumlube front! Very nice read indeed! :stick:

But, keeping in line with the thread...

I just had one of my more satisfying penetrable experiences in a while. I was rather pent up... I'd been stroking and edging myself going on a good hour or so while I busied about in the morning. Keeping myself tense and ready at any moment.

Letting myself ease back a bit from the brink, I went rooting around in my stash of boys and girls.. Muzzles... butts... and then I saw her. My poor Hazel.

She'd been neglected for a while, ever since a tear popped up in the corner of those luscious lips of hers. I'd been reluctant to use her, and in the meantime I'd had more and more silicone ladies and gents dropping in on my doorstep!

I just simply thought 'Fuck it, let's go for it', grabbed her, lubed her up and myself... and then spent a while just re-acquainting myself with her, sliding a pair of fingers in past those plump lips to explore that delicious curve within.

For a penetrable, she has quite the subtle, ribbed texture within her... definitely one of the less pronounced girls on offer. Still... That curve. My god that curve. I'd almost forgotten why I loved her so much. Without any further hesitation I pressed into her, feeling that sharp bend catch, and then drag me in as I plunged in to the hilt! Clapping my hand upon the back end of her, I sealed her up to get that wonderful suction, taking my time to roll and thrust. Every time I'd draw almost entirely free, using my bed for support and my hands to hold her steady.

She's a weighty girl, and the feel of her bouncing and grinding in against my groin with all that bulk is one of the major reasons I love her (And the same goes for Mary.)

Eventually, the relentless squeeze and tug of that bend within her entrance was too much, and I slammed home one last time. I could feel the hot, sticky sensation of my release oozing from her back opening, sliding down out from between my fingers to dribble onto the strategically placed towel below. I just let myself relax there a while, still pulsing and throbbing a bit as I drew myself free of her snug grasp. Panting, and sated, I took her into the shower to scrub off and wind down.

I've missed my Hazel~

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:39 pm
by MilesLupine
Whew.... Still in a bit of an afterglow ^^;

So I decided to take my large Rex into the shower with me. Despite the chance I could just end up messy, I do tend to wash off before doing anything in the shower because might be a tad too worn out after wards. After I got myself cleaned out, held Rex under the hot water of the shower to slightly warm him up a bit. Stuck him to the bottom of the tub so that the knot would bulge more towards my front. Got him and myself lubed up and ready to go. Yes I use my bigger toys without warming up at all normally.

Being a tad on the floppy side, had to have a bit of a grip on him as I carefully lined him up and slowly got his shaft all of the way in. Definitely felt as he probed deeper and deeper especially when he hit a point where there was a bit of a "pop" feeling. Despite being very subtle in texture, could feel him very well. Worked into slowly riding him and it was quite stimulating. The way the shaft bulges really made him hard to ignore. Every time I bumped into the knot could feel it slip in a tiny bit further each time. After a few minutes decided to carefully take the knot.

I carefully shifted how I was situated so that gravity would be giving me a bit of a hand tackling the knot. I slowly eased down, only backing off a few times when I felt like I got a bit stuck. When the time came, felt him pop in with ease and just sat there for a moment taking in the sensation. I decided to switch up positions, and with out taking Rex out, I carefully broke the seal of the suction cup and switched to being on my back. Slow small thrusting followed to take care not to have the knot pulled out and then I just stopped and held him in place. And using some carefully learned tailhole control, was able to subtly move Rex against my prostate some for a few minutes.

It was time to flip positions again and adjusted to what would more or less be a dogy style set up. Did the short thrusts keeping the knot in again but then switched it up carefully untying the knot but keeping the shaft in for slow long thrusts. After a bit of this, pushed the knot in and went to a kneeling position and started to stroke myself a bit. Ended up on my back again and kept stroking. Was at the brink but felt that the pressure of the knot was keeping me from cumming so slipped it out so that only the shaft was in and eventually just took him out. Switched to standing and thrusting Rex a bit and was just stuck on the edge. Decided to stick him to the wall and see if I could get an angle that would work better.

In hindsight, I did put him a little low on the wall ^^; And hit a point where something clicked in my brain and slipped Rex out and was at a point where I was almost at climax. I actually ended up having to hold myself up with one arm as I leaned forward stuck in the ecstasy of orgasm. I probably would have fell over if I wasn't holding myself up >> Proceed to clean up while still shaky.

And I'm amazed how long this ended up for a simple session o-o

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:23 pm
by Samson
I've known I had a tentacle fetish for a while, but oviposition is still somewhat new to me. I found out I had interest in it shortly after joining the forums. I think I passed it up before because it tends to be combined with pregnancy or stomach inflation, which I am not into.
Today I was playing with my medium tentacle for a bit, and found myself reaching for my bag of brood eggs. I lubed one up and popped it in. I used the tentacle to externally stimulate myself while I had the egg in, but then I thought I would try putting the tentacle in while the egg was in. It was a pretty unique feeling. I could feel the egg rolling around inside me. I decided if it was fun with one egg, I should try two. I couldn't fit the tentacle inside me anymore once I had two eggs in. I'm thinking next time I will try with my small one. Or maybe the soft firmness keeps it from being able to get in. After rubbing myself a bit with the suction cups I decided to try a third egg. I couldn't fit the third completely. I felt completely stuffed. I tried more lube and moving things around a bit, but the third egg wouldn't stay like the other two, so I let it fall out. I then went on to push the eggs out while rubbing myself with the tentacle and putting them back in, and repeating. The sudden feeling of the egg exiting is really good.

I'm a little sore now, but worth it. I feel rather lewd sharing this, whoops.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:33 am
by Cybergoth
Good lord, my legs are still shaking. What a wonderful way to start the day.

So the hubby and I are lying in bed, we are awake but the kids aren't, so... We're feeling a bit frisky. Spooning behind me he starts nibbling my shoulder and playing with my nipple, his cock soon rubbing up against me, and we're quickly making out hungrily, hands in hair, rolling about the bed till he gets me on my back and he's eagerly playing with my breasts while our legs are working things out so he's getting between mine. When the head of his cock slips into me I am expecting just some early morning plain sex, which I was totally up for, and he's teasing me, being slow. Then I am totally miffed as he pulls out, but then dives for my drawer.

That means only one thing, he wants a toy. Well that's an interesting start to the day. He's having a good poke in there till he finds what he wants, though he moves too quickly for me to see what he's got. He's making sure I'm how he wants me, feet on his thighs as he kneels between my legs, and rip inning the you against me. I'm trying to figure out what it is but he doesn't give me a heck of a lot of chance to work it out by feel before he's pushing it in. I can figure out its one of my shorter toys, and it's knotted because it's taking some working to get it all inside me, but after a while it pops inside deliciously.

I though we were having slow and lazy morning sex. I was wrong. Not that I mind I must say, I was kinda hoping things would get a but wild when he went for the drawer. I was not disappointed. He started to fuck me silly with our toy. In his hands he can fuck me to vaginal orgasm, and usually several, as many as his own patience allows. It's not too long of him hammering it into me fast and hard before I orgasm, strong enough that my legs close and my hips lift off the bed. It's wonderful. But he decides he doesn't want a restricted view. So he's yanking my legs apart and still going for it. I did try not to close my legs at the next orgasm but I couldn't help it. So he pushed them apart, and pins them open with his knees and starts fucking me for all he is worth.

It's incredible, the knot is popping in and out of me, I feel wonderfully helpless, I am twisting and turning, gripping at the bed, and trying to keep quiet which is harder than it sounds. It's taken him fifteen years for him to come out and say he wants to play like this. Fifteen years of me thinking he didn't have anything remotely kinky about him.

"I love stuffing you with these! It's destroying you!" He growls.

I'm too busy lifting my hips as much as I can being pinned as I hit orgasm to answer. But whatever he's fucking me with is feeling pretty damned intense, and after a fifth climax I am about to ask him to slow down or stop. But he reads me beautifully and sets our friend aside and has me get on my front. Face down, ass up, knees being kicked apart and hands grabbing my hips he finally goes to town on me himself. He's thinner than any of my toys so you'd think it wouldn't be that much fun, but he knows how to make me squeal, hammering straight into my g spot, pulling my hair, scratching down my back. I have the best release yet for him, and that's typically the way in our sessions.

Finally he's slamming home and filling me with his load, petting my hair and kissing my shoulders as he holds us there, squeezing out every last drop into me. I'm shaking and spent, and feeling very well used. Not sore I must add, but I will feel this for a while. When we've come apart and snuggled I finally get to see who he used to fuck me silly. I have to say I was not expecting to see Xar. I honestly didn't think he'd be able to thrust him in and out that way because of the knot. Well who knew?

Now I must get on with my day with a smile on my face, feeling very well fucked. It's a lovely way to start the day.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:36 pm
by shellerfly
Cybergoth, I LOVE reading the stories you share about you and your husband, they remind me of my boyfriend and I. We've been together for 7 years, and only in the past few months when I started buying from Bad Dragon, has he mentioned to me how much he loves watching me get stretched. I thought he was vanilla, but it turns out he just enjoys literally anything that turns me on and hadn't thought of it himself until I'd brought it into the bedroom.

That being said, I guess I should contribute.
The boyfriend is a truck driver, so I'll use his handle instead of his name
Last time Nomad was home, there was a night we were spooning in bed with some dildos warming up in a pot of water on the floor. My small Crackers was in the pot. I tend to use him mostly for anal or warming up vaginally since he's a bit small compared to the mediums I usually use. I love it when Nomad bites my neck and breathes heavily into my ear, so he was doing that for a while before he reached for Crackers.
I was already feeling a bit tingly from the ear nibbling and he lubed up crackers. What happened next felt so amazing my brain went a bit foggy. We were still spooning while he reached in front of me and slid crackers between my legs and inserted it.

We're laying on our left sides, he propped himself up on his left arm, grabbed a handful of my hair at the base of my neck with his left hand, and used that as leverage to keep my neck exposed so he could keep biting my neck and breathing in my ear as he thrusted crackers with his right hand.
I had NO idea that toy could feel so good on its own. The nubs on the base were rubbing against my clit and I my whole body was tingling so much I basically went mute and couldn't make noise... or maybe I was making noise and I was too distracted to hear myself. Either way, holy crap. We have a lot of great sex, but that has to be in our top 5.

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:55 am
by Cybergoth
oof, Shellerfly, tell me about that heavy breathing in the ear and nibbling at the neck! Someone employed that heavily last night and its so good I know! Last night's weapon of choice was our medium Nox. Thanks to whatever powers there are for our men and their enjoyment of stuffing us with toys!

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:40 pm
by SallySue
I've been bonding with my small Cole for about a week now. I've lost count of how many orgasms sweet little Cole has given me. Every session has been different but all of them have been pleasurable. However, my most recent session was a bit different from what everyone else has mentioned so far. It was downright frustrating!

Cole has opened me up to new fantasies, and almost every night I've been dreaming of him. To the point that I wake up hot and bothered but can't do anything about it because while it's possible for me to have a quiet quickie with my fingers, well, it's so much nicer to spend a couple of hours playing with my "friends." So yesterday began like the others. I woke up wet, desperate, and ready to make the most of my private time. I put on some porn and let my body and mind sink into that wonderful clouded haze of lust. I like to warm up every time with a cheap bullet vibe. I've had it forever I can't even remember what brand it is. It's tiny, smaller than the tip of my pinky finger, but it packs a powerful punch. Its size is perfect for pinpointing the vibrations exactly where I like them. I spent about half an hour browsing sexy videos and caressing my clit through my panties with the bullet. The soft material clings to me as I get even wetter, and eventually I can't stand the tease anymore, slipping my hand underneath to press the tip of the bullet directly against my swollen clit. This always makes me jump. By this time I'm so sensitive and hot that just the slightest brush brings me close to orgasm. But I'm not done. I keep moving the bullet around in circles against my lips, bringing myself to the edge before resting for a bit. It's best to keep the bullet on the left side of my clit when I take a breather. It's so good but not nearly direct enough to get me off. Of course, sometimes my body simply can't wait any longer and my hand locks in place until I cum with my panties still on. This time, I planned on finally knotting Cole good and proper. No more teasing.

I was so wet at this point that it was actually seeping through my panties. That put a big smile on my face because I knew I was in the perfect mindset to take Cole on. I hooked him up to a syringe full of cumlube and tried to keep my hands from shaking in anticipation. As excited as I was, I still couldn't resist stroking him with a well lubed hand, loving the soft, wet sounds and feeling him fill my palm. Squeezing his knot between my fingers makes me want it even more. I begin the session on top, letting my hips sink down until I was hoving over his tip. Then I take him nice and slow, his tip parting my lips as his thick shaft slips effortlessly inside of me. I'm so wet this time. I don't if it was the porn, the bullet, or my pure desire for Cole, but I know I'll be very close very soon. I rock against him, feeling his knot gently resting against my lips. I want to get on my back for him, let him pound into me, but I wait. I can't orgasm too fast or I'll clench up tight and I'll never get him inside completely. So I grind and rock and grind some more, feeling my heart race and my thighs burning with the effort to keep going. Eventually I can't wait anymore and lay down, thrusting against his length and moaning as he sinks in deeper. So deep. I've come a long way since our first meeting. That first time I could only take his shaft. Now, I can take almost all of his knot. I can feel myself stretching. There's only a little bit left. Oh, but he's as far as he can reach. I don't think I can take anymore. No! I refuse to give up. I want it. I want his knot so bad but he's so slick from his cum and mine that I can't get a good grip on him. Crying out as the bitter frustration starts to override my lust, I quickly get onto my knees again. Not good enough. I keep him inside of me, cradled between my thighs as I search for a spot that he will sit higher. The bathtub. This time, when I lower myself, I can feel the difference. He's going in further. I squeeze his knot fondly, trying to work more of him in. Ooh! I'm stretching even more. It hurts so good, so intense that I'm sweating and can't catch my breath. I start to beg him, tears coming to my eyes as my mind becomes blank. All I want is that knot!


It's not happening. I can't go any further. I'm sitting down as far as I can and thrusting hard, but there's just not enough room. I can't take it. Still, Cole would never leave his master wanting. With one more thrust, I savor the stretch, the shaking in my knees, the gasps and moans that lurch out of my mouth. It's so good. I just wish I could have more. As I lift myself off of him, strings of our mingled cum glisten on my thighs, clinging to his tip that continues to pump out sticky white cum. "Soon," I say to him in a breathless whisper, "Soon we'll figure it out."

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Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:37 pm
by terranakari
This is an interesting post and maybe I can get some advice so to speak on a certain matter.

I bought my first BD toy, a xar in small/3 and I love his colors and his appearance overall but it took me four "playthroughs" before I could get him to feel comfortable inside me and then I couldn't orgasm with him until run 5... And that was by warming up with two other nonBD toys and help with some lube.. But it was amazing. It just sucks it took so long and that the knot hurts me so much... I also kinda wish it was longer but its my dream dildo I was wanting for awhile and when I finally got it I was so disappointed I couldn't get it to work... I haven't gotten to use it again since but I'm hoping it stays good.. Lol

Here's a funny session story... I was attempting session 6 with my Xar and my room mate walks in... And I was having a hard time going at it because I heard him moving around near my bedroom.. Well basically after he walked in and knew what I was doing he laughed and said good luck trying to finish after he left and I had 10min to get to work...... So I just stopped mid workup.. Lmao

Hence why a continuation session has yet to happen yet xD lmao! :stick:

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:47 pm
by Cybergoth
Xar is a tricky beast, he can be overcome (well I did a whole post up thread) but he wasn't my favourite at all when compared to others, I struggled to really enjoy him and his unique shape when I first got him I must admit. Not getting as much pleasure from him as others. And yes, getting used to that knot so that he goes in, and is fun. The only way to achieve that is what you are doing, slow, practice, training as you are already doing, he is exceedingly girthy for a small so don't be surprised it's taking you a while. And there are just days on my monthly cycle where he's never gonna work because of hormones.

Honestly, I just find that he's a toy I don't play with solo. Because alone he's fun but... Not as much as others I enjoy solo. On the other hand, the man has some kind of bloody dildo magic that means anything he pulls from the drawer is going to leave me a spent mess by the time he is done. Xar becomes amazing when he's the one holding him. Not the advice you were looking for but I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe try ways you hadn't thought of to enjoy him. I trust you have tried him both ways around. I do find he goes in easier in one direction than the other. Flipping him around while still inside you is a treat too ;)

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:04 am
by little-mythgital
Just had a quick session with Meng but I never felt anything once he was in there...huh.
I got much further with him once I put the lube on, got about to the tip of the fluff of his tail before he couldn't go any further.

So strange I couldn't felt anything, not even the horns; must be me :psyduck:

Now I feel really dizzy but that must be because it's my first time taking on a dildo. Hopefully when Clayton comes he can fill me just that slight better but the mini is roughly the same as Meng but still :nomnom:

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:09 am
by Conrad
So... I had a pretty amazing experience today... I was a a dutiful little 'slave' I suppose you could say, on camera for a fellow who frequents these very forums! (Names shall be withheld unless they want to come forward! <3)

3 Hours.

That's how long I was on camera for. It originally started off as just a 'What would you like to see?' sort of thing, and I wasn't planning on going on for long, just enough to give them something to see and get off to.. And that's when the instructions came.

And they kept on coming. Instructions and demands, though not forced or aggressive.. It was a massive turn-on. Honestly, I couldn't believe it got me so worked up! For three hours I moaned, bucked, writhed and performed for my Viewer till I was allowed to let myself release. I only touched myself during those last 5 minutes or so!

What came from that was one of the most intense, delicious climaxes I've ever had (And I'd hope so, having milked my prostate for such a long time!) I'd almost go as far to say as it was the best one I've ever had!

When told to cum I was instructed to have something flat, smooth and non-absorbent to catch it all... Poor Alduin copped it hard~ That's an A3 Counter/Mousemat, and i did smear my load about a bit... this picture was taken after it had settled out. Still, it was a pretty sizeable mess!


I certainly look forward to experiencing something like that again!

Re: The Sessions Lounge~

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:37 pm
by Azhrarn
:D Still basking a little in the after glow of a recent session.

I just tried my M5 Bruiser and L5 Winston's Tail for the first time, and took considerably more of them both than I had anticipated. :shock: Rather unexpected.
Also experienced normal cumlube for the first time, it's so lovely white and stringy. :D
Used both in the shower (before actually showering, much easier to get rid of the sweaty mess I turn into with this sort of thing.

Started off slopping a nice dollop of cumlube on Winston and spreading it around, enjoying the sensation of it on my hands and smiling at the stringy mess I was making in the shower. Followed by gently positioning myself over him and slipping him in gingerly. Now a little disclaimer, I hadn't toyed with a proper dildo in months, my last bit of play was with a prostate stimulator plug.
Winston thankfully has a nice and narrow tip and he slipped in without difficulty, and much to my surprise the rest of him more or less followed without too much effort, ending my descent along his shaft maybe ~2 inches from the bottom with a nice stretched feeling. :psyduck:
I then rode him up and down a couple of times, enjoying the feeling of those soft ridges and bumps snagging on my anus. :)

Having warmed up with Winston, I then switched to the Bruiser, and after lubing him up, gently lowered myself onto his shaft. He slipped almost entirely inside me right away... I couldn't take knot the just yet, but I was pretty close.
Rode him a few minutes, and several times almost made it past the halfway point on his knot (or at least, it felt that way). :smile:

After all this I was feeling properly giddy, and could hardly stand, with a gentle tug around my behind from the mild stretching it had just been subjected to.
As far as I'm aware I did not have an orgasm (I assume I'd have noticed something like that :psyduck: ).

Finished showering, and cleaned up. About an hour had passed with me in the shower at this point.
And here I am, typing this up, and I still feel a little glowy.
Very nice indeed. :oops: