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This one requires assistance!

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:14 pm
by UlfSeele
Been browsing penetrables for a while now and have found the following especially enticing:

*Dragoness Muzzle
*Lily the Raptor
*Natascha the Husky

Before I continue, let it be known that I have read as many threads as I could find on these and have been found wanting for comparisons, more in-depth reviews, and advise.

I am not entirely picky on the experience, so I'm looking mostly for what to expect from these specifically. I've had a cheap Wolf-girl one I snagged off of J-list, but found it underwhelming due to the overall size and length being... unsubstantial.

So dog-pile me with advise and suggestions as suits your fervor.
I eagerly and patiently await your help. :glomp:

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Re: This one requires assistance!

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:07 pm
by Zephic
UlfSeele wrote:So dog-pile me with advise and suggestions as suits your fervor.
I eagerly and patiently await your help. :glomp:


first and foremost, plugging the exit hole of the toy with your finger increases the suction, and is my preferred method of toy play.

Natascha is an older design, if you contact support you can put a split lip on her to add some extra taste, I love my natascha especially because of it. Natascha is smooth, but if you're more sensitive, you should be able to feel the flesh textures quite easily, in addition, her lips need some prying open before penetration.

Lily sadly cannot have split lips, but she's otherwise quite fun if you want one that's textured but not overwhelming.

the dragoness muzzle I know little about, except that she has ridges like Janine does, and Janine has the most pronounced ridges of them all. if you're sensitive, you'll be overwhelmed in a flash.

your choices however, are all tear hazards, and if you're budget-impaired, you should either stick with the highly-ridged Janine, the super-smooth anthro shark, or the monkey in the middle that is mary. (I presume that you're like me and only interested in female-based toys. :P)

if money is no object, get all three of them! :P

either way, for your penetrables, you should get sil-poxy. if it's not available in your country, get an adhesive that works with platinum cure silicone, and be sure it's stretchy upon curing. it costs under $40 on amazon, although some places might be comparable.

Re: This one requires assistance!

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:16 pm
by Silber
ok, only have experience with the dragoness muzzle and mary so cant truly compare the 3 you are interested in; i can however hesitantly recommend the dragoness muzzle.
only hesitantly though, she has a tendency to grin wider after each use.
the side walls of the muzzle are very thin and prone to tears; once started they tear quickly too.
the textures of the muzzle are prominant but also far from being overstimulating like the anthro mare. if you plug the rear hole of the muzzle it provides a rather nice amount of suction and causes her to pull you in, quite fun to increase suction and release, build up a rhythm and it feels closer to oral than any other toy ive used (and thats saying something, i have a rather large toy collection :D ).
if you are average sized or below, not sure she would be as stimulating though, once the muzzle tears wider she loses a bit of grip, good for longer slower paced sessions but you do need to take your time.
totally worth the time investment though, damn near passed out after a couple long sessions :D

Re: This one requires assistance!

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:48 am
by UlfSeele
Zephic - Thank you so much for all that input! After reading, considering your suggestions, and my own inexperience, I believe I may strive for a more "middle of the road" approach with Lily or Mary in order to further refine my taste and see where to go from there. On that note, you mentioned a tearing hazard with Lily and I wonder if that is more a consequence of intense use or merely a factor of the users size? I find both very appealing and am left with a lack of resources on Lily to make a sound comparison. Thoughts?

Silber - Oh man does that sound amazing; quite the intriguing experience! Longer, slower paced sessions are fantastic. I'll definitely have to add this to my list.