Favorite Penetrable Toy?

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Favorite Penetrable Toy?

Postby BnS_Pup » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:58 pm

I've been looking around the penetrable toys and I'm wondering what you guys think of them. I've never had or used such a toy but the good ol grope n' stroke just isnt getting it between times with Mistress. I love the look of Duke's butt and Janine (Omfg that Grimm Spindle...)

On another note, I have a small spritz that I've had a bit of fun with, so yes I have gotten a BD toy before. :stick:
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Re: Favorite Penetrable Toy?

Postby Mr. Green » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:09 pm

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Re: Favorite Penetrable Toy?

Postby BnS_Pup » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:22 pm

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Re: Favorite Penetrable Toy?

Postby Willow » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:40 pm

I have neither Duke nor Janine, so I cannot comment on them. Although people seem pretty split on Mary and Janine... you'll love one and not the other it seems.
I have Mary, Hazel, JT, Snowball, Rowan, Lily, Sugar Star and the dragoness muzzle. Yeah... I don't get a lot of work done.

I have yet to have an in-depth review of Sugar Star but she does feel good. Down to the nit and gritty of my favorite is JT the fox has the best ass and Mary has the best pussy. But it also comes down to fantasy... and who doesn't want a sweet raptor girl to bend over to give up her pussy? So sometimes I need some Lily.
While I love wolves and love the look of Hazel... she's not my favorite. I can get off just like I can get off will all of my toys, she just doesn't have the same sensations. I use her, just not as much as the others.
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Re: Favorite Penetrable Toy?

Postby DarkAhroun » Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:28 am

Well... I have all of them, with SugarStar, Lily and Perry on the way... so I can't say anything about these three.
But the other 12... (wow... 12? I have a Problem...)

my favourite Vagina is Mary. My favourite Anus is Rowan (so far) because I love Horses...
and the Dragoness Muzzel is great! the Dragon Muzzel is nice too, but different. Hard to tell...

my least favourite toys by far is janie and the old equine rump.. she just does not feel nice for me. And runs dry very quick.
And the legacy equine Rump... just hurts after 5 minutes... after 15 minutes the pain can be very extreme...

And then it comes to what you want to have. There are differences in every toy. Do you want a lot of stimulation with ridges and stuff like that? Take Janie or JT and Duke (JT and Duke a very similar)
Do you want smooth interior for long masturbation sessions. the Anthro Shark is great for that! Or Snowball... but the entrance of this toy can rub a little bit.
And then there are Toys between... Natasha for example is a nice soft toy... in my eyes she looks 100% like a feral sheep vagina... but hey. I don't mind.

And then is the Question of your own Penis Size. Some toys are not so great for big fellows. I have a standard one, so I never had trouble so far.
I'am curios about Perry... he is supposed the tightest toy so far...
Mary, Natascha, Janine, Duke's Butt, JT The Fox, Hazel, Equine Rump, Dragoness Muzzle, Dragon Muzzel, The Anthro Shark, Snowball the Deer, Rowan the Draft Horse, Sugar Star the Pony, Perry the Parasaur, Lily the Raptor, Twitch the Gecko, The Werewolf Muzzle

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