Review of Gryphon, medium in 5 firmness (sfw pics)

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Review of Gryphon, medium in 5 firmness (sfw pics)

Postby Kaiser » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:59 am

As a first time buyer of anything from BD and the first time buying such 'toys' I did end up spending a few weeks pondering over the vast selection that they have on display including all the sizes, colours, firmness levels and extras such as the cum-tube and suction cup, suffice to say I was rather overwhelmed and my reaction to it all can be summed up thusly.
But after weeks went by I finally decided on what I want and so months later decided to do a review of him.


After the initial shock of all the possibilities I did more or less have an idea of what I was after and thankfully BD makes it as simple as possible to make such the purchases just go to the tab which you want go through the select screens and then add it to the cart, from there throw money at screen until it accepts and then, the waiting game........if its a made to order you could be waiting some time.


Well after about five and a half weeks of waiting I had just about given up hope, until there it was, the email saying it had shipped twas a good day and I must say the time it took to get from the states was rather quick so I will commend UPS on that, but that is when all the good stops and the bad starts, supposed to be delivered on the Tuesday, failure due to the courier forgetting to print out the paperwork, now I am a patient person so one day waiting more is not too bad, but when they forget it again on the Wednesday that is when I start getting a little bit annoyed. So when Thursday rolls around suffice to say I was a little but miffed and to make sure that I did not miss the package in any way set myself up on the lawn with a nice comfy chair and a good book, 8 hours of waiting later and it finally arrives.

Arrival and first thoughts

Okay the whole shipping fiasco was rather annoying but now I had it, in all its discreet glory (props to BD for making it so) I quickly made my way to my room to begin the unpacking process, after making sure that the paperwork was all in order and storing it some-place safe I quickly got the the fun part of the unboxing so opening it up I was met with another bit of paperwork and some good ol purple and brown packing paper cats were most amused with it. After opening the actual package which stored my gryphon all I could say was that it is rather awesome and squishy which I am not gonna lie amused me to no end. Size of him was surprising as I was expecting something a little bit shorter but gotta say this just made me more happy with it. The colouring which was Ruby is what I found most interesting and I did spend a few minutes looking it over at the swirls and textures within the toy so first impressions of him are incredibly impressed.

In use

Now as a first time user and wanting to keeps things at least slightly PG I will not go into too much detail but I must say as a first time user of any sort of toy I would say I am impressed, the tapering allows for ease of entry and the initial thickness isn't too abrupt like some other toys. For the first time using him as soon as it started tapering into the knot I could not go any further but was to be expected as I would say for a person just starting out the knot is rather girthy and is not something to just be dived onto as some damage could occur if not done in a timely fashion. After having him for a little under a month I can say he has continued to impress as I can now take more and more of him but still cant take the whole knot, but i would say he is still impressing me to this day and due to the whole anatomy of the toy I would say he makes for a good 'prep' toy as some of the larger toys do require some preparing before you attempt them *cough* clayton *cough*.


Afterthoughts on the whole experience, I would say apart form the shipping It has been rather decent, well decent enough that in the past month I have purchased another two toys from BD so yeah I would say rather decent. Although for first time buyers beware when cleaning tapered toys with the toy cleaner, it makes them incredibly slippery and if you don't have a firm grasp on the base it will rocket out of your hands across the room and may or may not knock over half of the stuff on the bathroom, not that I know from experience of course but just let that be a warning. But even after the further purchasers I would still say that he is still my favourite toy the colours, the shape I just find to be really nice. Although even after the purchase of my first toy I have found out that you can also talk the BD dragons and ask for even more options, so lets just say when I make my next made to order purchase I may see if I can ask for a few things, perhaps a glow in the dark toy, that would be pretty nifty to have.
Pics just after cleaning.
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