how was your first toy? :)

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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Tallon » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:04 am

I first started with a medium Gryphon and it was awesome. Custom orders take 2-4 weeks in my experience.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Shardik » Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:56 pm

ForteX6 wrote:I am really excited to order my medium gryphon after reading all of these, it's so exciting! how long does it usually take to ship a custom order? :smile:

A custom can take as long as two months. The longest I've ever had to wait was 7 weeks, and that was for a Chance XL in the color-of-the-month (Sinister Pumpkin).
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby robotparade » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:14 pm

Pretty good!

My first was a small 3 Nox. Not only my first toy, but my first experience with anything larger than a finger. I almost chickened out and went with a super skinny model like the legacy Xenogon that was being sold at the time, but Nox won out because I liked the design so much and there was a pretty Frankenpour available for cheap.

Going slow and using a liberal amount of lube, I was able to take him on the first try. He was my only toy for the better part of a year, though my collection's grown a lot lately. I wouldn't say Nox is my favorite (my most recent buy, a mini Flint, is king right now) but I will always love him for being a positive first experience!
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Ghoul » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:58 pm

I'm a total noob to these, having just started using my first two (a penetrable and also, um, the opposite of that). I'm very happy with them so far.

My first purchase was Sugarstar, a ready-made that ran from light blue on the tube to much darker at the entrance. Very pretty. I didn't know at all what to expect, but when it arrived I was struck right away by how soft it was. I quickly discovered that there is such a thing as too much lube, but with just the right amount it's a hell of a lot of fun.

I wasn't planning to buy anything else right away, but I was browsing the adoptables and I saw a really pretty small Bumblehooves in a light pink mottled with dark purple. (Can you tell I like me some ponies? :p) It had a really natural look and I had to have it. It just arrived today. It's soft, very soft, and I actually had a lot of trouble getting it in at first. I probably should have held out for a firmer one, but I did eventually get it to cooperate, and then it was awesome.

These are definitely quality products. The material is top notch, minimal odor, extremely easy to clean, and very attractive. I'll definitely buy more in the future.

Also, it's really nice to have a place online where I can talk about this stuff. >.> Regrettably, I don't have the kinds of friends who'd want to hear about these. :p
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby KegawaTails » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:18 am

It took me a whle to get my hands on a proper toy, before that it was just my hand and dong shaped bottle. The first one I got was a small crackers, it was nice but after awhile it kept slipping out and left me craving for a thicker toy. So after awhile I got myself a medium nova. It was a huge step up but I was confident I would be able to take the knot after a few tries. Turns out I under estimated myaelf and took the knot first time. But yet again it left me craving for more. So now im saving up for an XL tyson!
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Grizzlydracos » Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:56 pm

My first toy is the large nova in medium the pic with all our other toys...

It took awhile before I could take the knot. Can't always take the knot . My guess is it depends on time of day, cleaning out, and the like. But I love the texture for sure. In hind sight I probably should have gotten it in soft so it would be easier to get past the second sphincter but live and learn.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby awakening_sensations » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:54 am

My first Bad Dragon toy was a M/3 Nox in Nightdrake colours for anal use (male). I just got it last week so it's very new to me. When I discovered this site I was obsessively browsing the forums and models to help decide what I wanted...I still kind of do haha. I have never before encountered a sex toy company that provides this level of variety and customization, it's a lot to take in haha. After doing my research I opted for a medium size Nox because the shaft and max diameter seemed to be just under my largest toy (Tantus General) and figured it would be an appropriate size; not too small where it's underwhelming but not too big where I can't do much with it. And I really wanted to try this soft silicone (level of customization = mind blown), considering I have been used to harder toys because that's just what's out there.

So I was ecstatic when I first got it and immediately put it to use with an extremely satisfying first session. Appearance wise it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is art. The fine detail, the color scheme, and the nice visual texture of the toy was truly a sight to behold. The same goes for during use: It was a completely novel and pleasant experience to feel that soft silicone inside of me! I already knew that with the size and firmness I chose I wouldn't be thrusting the full length of the toy, and quickly realized that I can ride it to great effect below the bulge and grind any which way into that big tapered base.

The only thing I would have changed was getting a large instead of a medium. My experience with other toys did not prepare me for the level of softness the soft firmness would provide! As many have noted the squish can make a larger size in effect feel a bit smaller, so getting it in was much easier than expected as I'm not a novice. So I feel that for the purpose I use my Nox for, a large in soft would have been most appropriate. Still I am in love with this toy and can't stop looking at it and squeezing it; I can't wait to give it more attention this weekend!

I have placed my order for two more customs the other day: Fenrir L/3 (deeeeep red primary color and hot pink secondary color marbled I can't wait to see how it turns out) for some fun full plug action and squeezing, and Winston's Tail XL/3 (Ultraviolet!!!) for all the stretching I could (should?) possibly need. I also want an Unflared Chance but I am just not sure on what size is appropriate for me. As far as people go I come in a size small being 5'6" and 110-115 lbs, but I kind of have a thing for stuffing my small frame with large toys hehehe. The part of me that knows I'm not an anal noob wants to get the L/5 because I can most certainly handle the girth. Then the part of me that also knows I have not really done much depth training wants to play it safe with a M/5 because I don't want to be stuck with something I can never take to the hilt due to anatomical limitations. Aghhh and there are gorgeous ready-made models in both L and M that I'm eyeing...not in a crazy rush but if another ready-made promotion pops up I'm likely going to just pick one and lean towards the conservative side again.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby DickVision » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:15 am

My first toy was practically a trainwreak haha. I got a small flint in firm as a gift from my friend and well...I wasn't expecting it to be as big was it was. Only could take half of it, but it was too painful to enjoy. Oops. :doh:

Only got some enjoyment when I bought a small Clayton for myself. Flint is still hanging around though, I really like his design and I want to try him out one day again once I train myself up. He's too pretty to replace, even though he's just one solid colour :smilenox:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby TempestAriel » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:11 pm

First toy was a Small Echo!

First experience with it was super nice, but also a little underwhelming! I underestimated my lady-bits - I've even toyed with my Echo a few more times to see, and yep, the small is just not enough to get me going. I love the textures and the swell a great deal though, so I'll be purchasing the same model again, just in a medium.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby GreyEyes » Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:14 pm

Hmm well for me it was more of a first three. I got my paws on Vergil, Bumble, and Janine. I was having this problem where toys and some people weren't stimulating enough for me. Before I got the three I had three fleshlights, one of which had what was boasted their most stimulating textures, the Destroya. I'm not bashing them in any way, just in my personal opinion, they all did nothing for me :eyeroll: . Needless to say I read in the forums that Janine was the most stimulating penetrable, and for some reason people were crazy over equines and knots. Me being a curious kinky furry couldn't resist testing all three to see if these would satisfy me. Let's say it would be an understatement to describe them as amazing!! :widesmile:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby DaWiiMote » Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:28 pm

Hey I am a super noob here, 1st post or rather reply right here.

ANYWAY, my first toy was a Rowan, as a male I thought I'd play it safe and start w/ an insert-able. Gotta say I was super stoked about it and the wait for it to arrive killed me. That being said it was a worthwhile wait and I really was surprised, so SOFT I just wanted to squeeze it wan rub it all over my face when I initially got it.

I honestly had a bit or a hard time with it at first, maybe I didn't use enough lube but man the opening was TIGHT when I first got it. Really squeezed down on me when I finally got it in (which was a bit uncomfortable at first) but the rest just slipped in. I expected to feel alot more of the textures but maybe that is somewhat normal for this toy when used by a circumcised male.

That being said the entrance was the tightest part with the rest being rather smooth to the member, but that could be the lube or just a lack of girth on my end. It's pretty good for fast frantic movement imo which is very good and if you need a little resistance you can pump all the way down to where it tapers inward if you need the extra push.

Idk if I am being too descriptive, I have done a bit of reading on here for a few days to get a feel for what is okay.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Keely » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:42 pm

My very first toys were crappy jelly things bought for cheap on amazon before I was technically supposed to have my hands on them :eyeball: UDATE: found product pics of my first toy and hoo boy is it embarrassing. But my first BD was a HOT PINK med med moko that I bought at my local fur con a few months after my 19th birthday (I think I'm not quite sure what year it was). From there I've never looked back! I do regret selling my first guy and wish I could get him back. When I first got him I thought I was insane and could barely get the tip in. Then I discovered that real good lube is a thing and it was smooth sailing from there :widesmile:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Laz » Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:38 pm

My first toy was a bit of a disappointment. It was a medium/medium solid colour Nox and man... I sure did underestimate the measurements. It was huge! That alone I could have overcome, but I also ended up having a lot of problems with the spikes on the head, although I've never heard anyone else talk about that being uncomfortable or anything. I ended up selling it just recently. However, I really don't regret my purchase! It was a great learning experience and a decent introduction to Bad Dragon as a company. I just bough my 6th toy and haven't looked back. :nomnom:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:20 pm

ForteX6 wrote:I am really excited to order my medium gryphon after reading all of these, it's so exciting! :stick:
how long does it usually take to ship a custom order? :smile:

At the moment the majority of people are waiting 6 - 9 weeks for a custom. Very few are actually getting their orders in the 2 - 3 weeks the website claims. That is not the norm.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Bayzan » Fri May 27, 2016 4:20 pm

"Fucking canines and their lovely knots!..~" was my first reaction when I knotted my large Rex on the second day of getting it. I... underestimated that knot.. Tore myself a new one but the pain was worth..!~ xD But now, I knot fuck myself on it, which I have to keep on doing while using my large Chance since I have a XL Rex coming in next Friday (6/3). It's going to be de la vu... all over again :nerdy:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby SierraFox » Fri May 27, 2016 4:47 pm

My first toy was this absolutely horrid glittery, blue gel vibrating dildo thingy. It was $20 off amazon and ugh - it's embarrassing in retrospect. Made a pretty nice vibe at the time if nothing else though!

As far as BD stuff... I started off with a small Gryphon. I read so many horror stories of people starting off too big, so I decided to play it safe with sizing, and found the Gryphon's model pretty attractive. It came, and I was forever hooked on the heavenly squishiness of Bad Dragon silicone :misc2: While I quickly outgrew the Gryphon for vaginal play, it's still my go-to for a smooth anal session without too much fuss :3
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Mreow » Fri May 27, 2016 5:24 pm

I got my first toy when I was 18 and could finally legaly enter a sexshop
I looked for a classy sexshop in my town, I didn't want to go to one of those creepy place with dirty perverts ^^
I took a deep breath, my backpack and the tramway ^^ and I finally went there. Then I kept walking like it wasn't my intention to go inside the shop because there were people next to me on the sidewalk, then I stopped, acted like I had forgotten something and went back to the door of the shop, very quickly.

Once inside I looked for the anal plugs, but since it was a classy loveshop, they had only 2 or 3 models, too little for what I was looking for. I went to the saleswoman, I told her (probably with my face completely red) that I was looking for a plug bigger than the one they had. She was very kind, I started to feel better ^^
She gave me a catalog and I went trough it for several minutes until I found the one I wanted: a Ringo from Tantus
She told me she would send me a message on my cellphone once it would arrive, then I had no news from them for like 2 months

When I came back, I told them that I was coming for my order, the lady (an other one) looked for my plug and when I saw it I tought "oh god it's huge... perfect :D"
She told me "It's a very big toy you kn... Or maybe that's why you bought it?" I answered a quick and nearly impossible to ear "yes" ^^

The first time I tried it, it almost teared me apart, I didn't manage to take it completely, but I was satisfied, I knew that with some practice, I would be able to take it. And that's what happened ^^ It is one of my favorite toys and it's probably the one I use the most
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Shadow hound » Sat May 28, 2016 9:20 am

I've used toys for a very long time as I've always been sexually very active and experimental, but my first BD toy was Elden, the first one I ordered at least, but I got tired of waiting really fast and I got sick of moist panties so I ordered a ready made one that was a small Bruiser. I didn't even look at the measurements on it or anything I just checked what's cheap and isn't a solid color and BAM I ordered it. When I first got my small Bruiser I was like OH NO HOW TINY. But it felt really nice anyways. I've been dreaming about a bigger Bruiser ever since. When Elden came home I was in love. I did however yell again "OMG HOW TINY!" when I saw it cause it's quite small indeed. But the knot is so wide that it was tricky for the first few times cause it kept twisting inside me.

Almost all toys looked really tiny in my eyes apart from my large Nox xD when I saw that I was like "OH CRAP IT'S HUGE!" but conquered it on the first ride anyways.

Even now Elden is still one of my favorite toys. I kept buying bigger and bigger cheap sex store toys, those rubber black ones that wiggle all over the place, they were ok, but nothign quite felt like the silicone and when I read about how they can be harmful I was like oh that's it. And I've been using only BD toys for a long time now. There's no going back after getting used to top quality silicone. I spend about the same amount on toys still, I used to buy cheap ones all the time, now I just have to wait a long time to buy a new one. One time I tossed away broken vibrators and I had like 15 broken ones, I use vibrators less now with silicone dildos cause I really like the feel of them, but I still do require clit stimulation, it's what I like the most.
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Eowaraldur » Sat May 28, 2016 1:21 pm

Bayzan wrote:"Fucking canines and their lovely knots!..~"
Indeed! Fenrir served me well as an introduction to BD toy :smile: And those dragon plates added on too? So nice :excited:
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Re: how was your first toy? :)

Postby Bayzan » Sat May 28, 2016 1:29 pm

Eowaraldur wrote:
Bayzan wrote:"Fucking canines and their lovely knots!..~"
Indeed! Fenrir served me well as an introduction to BD toy :smile: And those dragon plates added on too? So nice :excited:

So, you'd recommend him? x3

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