Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

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Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby harunaxv » Tue May 10, 2016 6:45 pm

At Bad Dragon, and especially in the forums, I like to think we're all friends here and share experiences because of just that - we want to write about triumphs, lessons learned, if capacities are reached, and then receive feedback and positive outlook from our fellow enthusiasts. While this is one of my first three posts on the forums (earlier I wrote about a hilarious but idiotic instance where I got a huge stain of cumlube on my carpet), I've been lurking for a while and thinking about when to make my first post on a thread, or maybe to start my own.

My history with Bad Dragon started as so - one of my close friends that I've known for nearly a decade was the owner of an impressive collection of BD toys. I'd been eyeing Nox for a very long time and had a part time job. This aforementioned friend had brought me to realize that I had a more animalistic side than I expected, and I was OBSESSED, and I do mean obsessed with the idea of knotting. Now, I had some previous experience with toys, though not much, and when a paycheck sent through, I found a flop Medium Cole in adoptions. I decided, to hell with it, and bought my very first toy from BD.

Now, if there's one thing we all know, these toys are like potato chips. You can't have just one.

I was so ecstatic when Cole finally arrived. It's been months since, and I was so pleased with the quality that I saved up for a bit and ordered my custom Nox about a month later. However, during the time I had Cole and hadn't received Nox yet, I faced a saddening predicament. I thought, with him being in medium firmness, that I could probably knot him if I prepared long enough and did a good amount of foreplay. I'll preface what I say next by telling you all that while I don't assign myself to any gender in particular, I have female parts and am content with them, more or less. However, I couldn't take him all the way.

I tried EVERYTHING I could think of. From easing him in, trying to be forceful (not a good idea), to trying to use my hands to squeeze him down to size a little bit... nothing worked. I settled myself with Nox when he arrived and pouted for a while about the fact that I might never be able to knot a toy, upset because I'd been so enamored with the idea (just the thought of tying with a toy is enough to get me bothered). Don't get me wrong, Nox is fabulous, and possibly my favorite out of all the toys I have in terms of aesthetic - he's gorgeous, especially in medium and 8 firmness.

For a few months I busied myself with other things. Finding a job was one of them, paying of a taxidermy piece was another, and things settled down a bit until I decided to make my next BD purchase. I'd heard rants and raves and my friend actually owns four out of five of the toys I have (copies, of course, he has them but they're different sizes / firmnesses) and was ranting and raving about his own, so I made a decision.

The next order placed was for a gorgeous medium Gryphon I'd found in adoptions and also a flop medium Rex and a large ready-made Austin. I'd done some careful research - I'd heard good reviews for Gryphon as a warm-up toy (boy, were they right), good things about Rex in terms of riding (I can also attest to this), and my friend from before ranted and raved about Austin (which he has in medium, not large). When they arrived, I was super excited, wanting to take a second try at the whole knotting adventure, hoping and hoping that at least one of the two bigger toys I'd ordered would work.

I warmed up with Gryphon for a while and used a chair for leverage and tried out Austin. It was painful for a bit, I tried to flex my back this way and that, easing him in, moving my legs, anything to get comfortable. Once the burning subsided to a pleasant hum I went to get up and start riding him and I lifted myself off the chair and dear god, my eyes almost popped out of my skull when he came up with me. I'd never felt so turned on in my life, and promptly sat back to enjoy the feeling.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying the successful attempt.

So my question to you all is this - how was your first experience successfully knotting? Who was it with? Was it after a long time of practice or basically an accident (I've heard about Cole popping in rather abruptly and I think it's Austin's shape that helped a lot with the successful tie)?
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Fae Fantase » Tue May 10, 2016 11:46 pm

Good review :widesmile:! Using a toy's knot can be a matter of everything aligning perfectly. Cole's knot isn't terribly abrupt yet it looks less tapered than Austin's. It may take more work/relaxation/lube.

It wasn't my first toy. Yet Bruiser was the first knot I experienced. I took my time warming up with the shaft of another toy, used a whole lotta lube. I was very relaxed that day as well. Meditated before toy time. Got myself excited with a bullet. I then rode small Bruiser and the knot finally popped in. Due to the 3 firmness plus excessive lube it was easier to knot than my 5 firm Cole.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Kaiser » Wed May 11, 2016 1:51 am

An interesting review and i must agree with some of the points about the annoyance of being unable to knot certain toys and being able to knot others, personally i see it as one of those subjects that in all honesty need more in depth reviews about, trying to do a 'big review' of some of the different sorts of knots and types that some of the companies use but its a long way off being complete. As for personal experience my first attempt at knotting was with my first toy which was my medium gryphon, to this day i have not managed to fully knot his despite being able to take a medium Ridley although is a firmness of three and also being able to fully take a medium chance my body does not want to take him any further which is anger inducing to say the least :angry:

But all was not lost as i have been able to knot others such as a small Crylo from FB and Roland, Fenrir, Ridley from BD to name a few, the ones i have found to be the most fun to knot were the Fenrir and Ridley with me enjoying the texture of ridley and the Bi-knot of Fenrir, Roland was just too uncomfortable but not too sure why but i thing that it could be due to his overall length or could be down to the style of knot :mystery: .
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Geno » Sun May 29, 2016 6:16 pm

A large gryphon.....
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Niah » Mon May 30, 2016 7:16 am

A small Crash was my first knotted toy (first toy ever, actually) and because of that it took 3 different attempts for me to take him. He's my warm up now. Of my assorted knotted toys, my medium Nocturne and medium Terra are both giving me trouble. Can't knot either. With Nocturne I think it's the shape on his knot; I know I can handle the circumference because I've knotted my medium Crash, which is larger at the knot than the Nocturne. With Terra I know it's the girth and the shape. I'm still working at both, but I currently have other favorites, lol, and I'm ordering a small Nova this week (which I know I'll be able to knot, but the medium is too large for me, even in soft).
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby katze » Mon May 30, 2016 11:15 am

It was with my small terra my first time using him. I didn't expect to take him all the way to the base my first time, but it happened. His knot doesn't have a popping feeling to it, but it gives a good stretch so it was a nice surprise.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby SierraFox » Mon May 30, 2016 11:26 am

My first knotted toy (and first BD purchase, for that matter) was a small Gryphon. Vaginally, it slid right in with a minimal knotting sensation so it was very "ehh" but anally it was by far more fun. It took me maybe 2-3 tries before I worked up the confidence to successfully knot him since I still trying to work through the unique sensation of anal. I'm pretty sure it was mostly due to my own nervousness rather than the actual limits of my body, since now he slips right into place back there. While I discovered prefer smoother and more even toys anally (Chance, mmmph), even now it provides a satisfying fullness to enhance orgasm rather than delivering one alone.

My second knotted toy was a medium Crash, and it was more than capable of delivering the bit of extra oomph I needed for vaginal play. The dual flared lobes in lieu of a traditional single bulbous knot allowed me to ease him in - and savor each of those mini-ridges - and tie with a satisfying pop. I knotted Crash on my first go, albeit with some warming up. So far, I think I've been pretty reasonable in terms of knowing what my body can handle so I don't own anything I can't at least vaginally knot. I've got an Austin and Cole in tbd sizes next up on my to-buy list though sooo... We'll see how those go.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Mon May 30, 2016 7:09 pm

katze wrote:So my question to you all is this - how was your first experience successfully knotting? Who was it with? Was it after a long time of practice or basically an accident (I've heard about Cole popping in rather abruptly and I think it's Austin's shape that helped a lot with the successful tie)?

It was with my small terra my first time using him. I didn't expect to take him all the way to the base my first time, but it happened. His knot doesn't have a popping feeling to it, but it gives a good stretch so it was a nice surprise.

I've had quite a few knotted toys, but only very few actually stay put! I think I first successfully knotted a medium Apollo, and once in he wasn't going to be dislodged for anything. It didn't take much practice, just a few minutes of warm up. If we're talking more traditional knots, my medium Razor was another I managed to tie with quite easily, and once again he was a knot that wouldn't move.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Bayzan » Mon May 30, 2016 7:33 pm

My first knotting experience and BD toy was a large frankenpour Rex in medium. ... f3ca17.JPG

I've experimented back there, so I knew that my limit was around 3inches in girth but... I overestimate myself, lol... Despite having experience and all, the shaft took me some time to warm up to before I got to into it and took the knot on the second day of getting it.

When that knot pop in, I saw stars as my mind was screaming "Oohh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" while I tried not to moan out to the mixed sensations I felt. I wanted to pull him out but when I did, something click in me as I began to crave that knot back inside me... despite the fact that he just tore me a new one..~ I had desensitizing lube so the soreness wasn't that bad but... mmnphf..~ that knot!

Now I happily knot fuck myself till I get tired, paw off or walk around with it in me. xD Love his knot! Love it so much that I ordered a flop XL Rex last Wednesday. It'll arrive this Friday and I'm so eager to repeat de ja vu again, minus the soreness. :stick:
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby weeegeee » Tue May 31, 2016 7:43 pm

I was initially drawn to Bad Dragon because of the knotted toys actually, and now I own 4. When I started out I had already been toying a bit with just a standard 6.5" dildo, so I had a little bit of experience.

I decided to start out small so my first was a small Razor, and in retrospect it was a good decision. The small Razor is very small so the knot was honestly very easy to take, but still an enjoyable experience. My fist time knotting Razor was a pretty interesting experience. After I learned that I enjoy anal play, basically anything I would stick up there would make me immediately ooze pre, and the *pop* of the knot going in only enhanced that. Shortly after I learned how dangerous the flops section of BD was.

So my next toy was a small Tucker, I decided to try it out because it was a flop with a cumtube, which is something I was curious about. I only realized after I bought it that it was in soft firmness. This one would honestly be my favorite if it was a bit more firm, also the cumtube is a bit more cleaning than I bargained for. Even in soft firmness though, the knot was very satisfying along with the length of the shaft.

The next I got was my big boy, the large Austin, and my first real test with knotting. My first session with Austin I immediately took note of his thickness upon entry. While Austin's knot is not the biggest of the bunch, it was the biggest I had tried so far, so getting it in was a fair challenge. The shaft was easy enough, and sitting on the knot was great. Even just sitting on the knot rocking back and forth, I could sort of feel it slowly going in, even though in reality it wasn't even close. So after a bit of riding I laid back and just pushed until I got it in, the feeling was extremely intense. I was slightly worried when I pulled it out though, as I was bleeding slightly, this is when I learned to take things a bit more slowly. I have since had several sessions with Austin and can pretty reliably get the knot in, without bleeding. If anyone is looking for a toy that is easy to knot, I would highly suggest Austin, the knot is tapered in such a way that it stretches you as you go down. I would maybe suggest starting with a medium though :surprised: .

And finally, my Electrofox from Frisky Beast. This was actually the second toy I bought, but the last I received. This one is currently my favorite. The size is about that of a Bad Dragon medium, and the knot is slightly smaller than the large Austin's, which is honestly perfect. After knotting Austin getting the Electrofox in was significantly easier. The fact that the knot on the Electrofox is slightly more squishy also helps. The Electrofox is my current go-to toy and I've been using it to train myself for hands-free cumming, I'll get there one day.

All in all, I can safely say that I love knotted toys, that sudden pop is surprising but feels great once you're used to it. There are still other BD toys I would like to try, such as the Fenrir, and maybe the medium Tucker. Would highly recommend knots if you're up to the challenge, would highly recommend the medium Austin, and if you were looking off site, the Electrofox from Frisky Beast is also fantastic.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Misstori50 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:42 am

My first knotting experience was in November. I was doing stuff with my FWB and we decided to try his medium gryphon on me. After a few minutes, I knotted it, and both our eyes bugged out. He was very impressed that I could knot the thing on my first try, and I was very impressed at, well, the sensations.

So then I immediately placed an order for an Electrofox by FB. And on Black Friday I bought a Mountain Drake and a Guardian from BD and a Cryolophorosaurus from FB. And at BD's end of the year sale I bought a Xar. And for my birthday I bought a Stan. And my Scorn should be here today. Lost the FWB in January, so I don't really have anyone to toy with (which is my favourite) but they are still fun on their own.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby BlastShelter » Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:00 pm

I have a medium Fenrir and nowadays, I couldn't pop the knot :angry: and I don't want force it and feel a lot of pain. I start to feel like Dr. Claw and understand better his catchphrase: "I'll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIME!!!" :excited:
I'll get you next time, Knot! Next time!
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby ballsofsteel » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:41 pm

My first knotting experience was with my Medium Seadragon (now Spritz). I couldn't get him in for several weeks, and at that time I was just enjoying the lovely sensations his ridges gave. Then one day, I spent A LOT of time with him in the shower, and decided to try knotting him in cowgirl position. After about 20-25 minutes of pleasure, I put all my weight on him and his knot went right in.

There was a little bit of pain, but it was completely over shadowed by the pleasure sensation that took over me. You know the stars they all talk about? I saw them too...
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby KnotyDes » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:45 pm

xl tucker was my first BD/ knoted toy and i got that in first try with some warmup beforehand :smile:
vergil is the current fav for me, it feels so amazing keep it in for long periods of time, that and it slides in very nice and secure
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Friendly Shine » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:59 pm

My first knotting experience was actually today. I've played around with a small bumblehooves toy before that, but anyways... I've looked at toys with Knots for quite a while now, and finally saw an opportunity and ordered a medium Ridley flop. It just arrived in the mail just today, and I almost immediately set to trying it out. I grabbed the lube, went to the bathroom (decided to do it in and after a shower), and tried it out. Felt pretty great, the knot seemed way too big and intimidating though, the way it pressed against me. (Un)fortunately, I'm both enthusiastic and fairly stubborn when I want to be... so I tried to take the knot. At first, jeez it just felt like it was impossible. Pressed against me, but no signs of going in at all.

Again, I'm stubborn though, and that stubbornness prevailed (kinda :laugh: ) Probably about half an hour later or so of messing around (honestly, I lost track :blush: ) I decided to just sort of sit there and get comfortable, see if gravity would do the trick. At first, again, nothing.. but then I slowly started to sink down with a somewhat uncomfortable pressure building up, I let it happen, breathing in and POP! It finally happened pretty darn suddenly (and a little painfully) seriously catching me off guard. In fact, in my surprise, I tried to get up (forgetting about the suction cup base) and felt the knot pop back out, which made my legs go weak and I collapsed right back onto it, which popped it right back in :excited: . I decided to lie there for a few minutes and bask in my accomplishment (and get my legs working again). It felt odd but amazing, and I experimented a bit more with knotting before the end of my little session there.

Not sure if I should consider my stubbornness a curse or a gift, but that sure made it feel like a gift... anyways, sorry about the wall of text everyone, but I hope you like my little story and I can definitely say that I would recommend knotted toys. :blush:
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Hoofs_N_Horns » Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:42 am

Technically my first knotty toy was a large Xar. I say "technically" because it's not really what I think of when it comes to knots.

I'll never forget the first time he knotted me. Honestly I wanted him back out ASAP lol. It didn't hurt but there's so much pressure inside. I could only keep him in for like a few seconds before freaking out. At least for me that was a huge mental barrier to overcome. The best knotting I had from him was using the suction cup on a wall and taking it doggystyle. That's the best way to do it IMO <3

Years later my second knotted toy was a medium Rex - more of a conventional style. Easier to take and more pleasurable. I haven't looked back since then and while I don't prefer knotted toys, I have a good variety of them.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Bayzan » Sat Jun 11, 2016 5:00 pm

Right, so a week later I'm back with info on the xl Rex flop that I ordered. When I opened it I was hyped but when I used it for the first time with cumlube, I was quickly discouraged by how massive his knot feels at my tailhole, like.. holy shit... But that didn't stop me from at least trying.

First use, nawh. Second, not even close. Third, I'm ready to give up. Now the forth try was an interesting event, and it happened yesterday. I was still clean from the night before, so cleaning yesterday wasn't that long. When I got into my room, I unpacked my XL Rex, look at it and told myself, "Eh... why not" as I packed my L Chance in his box. Lubing up and so on, I got myself to gape - such feeling is amazing by the way, as I began gently inserting and puling out the XL Rex shaft out of me. Let's just call him "Austin" for sake of explanation xP. After playing for like 5 minutes, I placed him down, lube up again and sat on his knot. I turned back to look at myself and his knot in the mirror as I wondered how the hell am I going to fit his knot in me. I don't know if this is considered cheating but... it worked!. I turned him sideways and began using my body weight to slowly squeeze the knot in me. I had to wiggle and move around a bit but after 3-5 tried, it got him in. I could feel my tailhole splitting on that knot but, when he was inside... nothing. Just an immense full feeling that left me speechless - little side note, I was moaning like a bitch as I took his knot. Don't even know what go into me.. :blush:

Anyways! Yes, I took the knot but... something is wrong and eventually I'll find a way to get around it. I found this problem today as I noticed that something was wrong about the knot yesterday. It doesn't sit properly inside me as my L Rex does. I can't stand up and walk around my room with it inside me. When I do get it, my tailhole stretches out and it pops right back out. I'll see if I can try to twist and turn it as in the doggystyle position to see if it get to stay stuck in my like my l Rex.

But either way, the experience was amazing, sadly I couldn't cum since I don't get hard while playing, or I do but if its to a new feeling. The best part about all of this is that, is that I'm not sore at all! Unlike my first knotting experience where L Rex tore me a new one with his knot x/3. When I was done with Austin (XL Rex) I was all right, except for the minor pain felt at my sigmoid colon.. x3 But it's gone now. I'll probably upload a picture or GIF of me taking the knot, once I feel comfortable with it in me and I properly hilt it. Can't wait to try and sleep with it in me.. (Won't work. I've tried it with the L Rex. Nada).
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby steppenwolph » Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:15 pm

I finally knotted with my medium Crash just today, and holy crap, my eyes just about jumped out of my head! I have been trying and trying to knot successfully with him for some time know. I had actually accomplished it just once before, but it was so uncomfortable and yucky that I had to withdraw him and use a different toy, so that did not really count. This time was thrilling, scary and exhilarating! I had gotten myself worked up into a frenzy using Crash against the wall. He is equipped with a suction base, which is incredibly useful. I am mashing myself against him, almost there, but never quite doing it. He's just too large! This is the way it has been for months. At last, I am so desperate that I stick him down on the toilet seat lid, and sit down on him. I have been scared to do this for fear of hurting myself. OMG, he just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I reach a point where I'm thinking, "Any more of this and something's going to pop!" That's when I slid over the largest part and felt myself fully envelope him. Such a delicious stretched feeling I have never felt! I was so scared as I went over the knot. There was no going back. If it had turned out to be too big, I would have done myself an injury. Now my head was swimming, my heart pounding, and I am panting with the exertion and desire. Afterwards, I was worried about getting him out, but while it was another stretch, it was not bad at all. Now I just can't wait to try it again.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Willow » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:53 pm

Knots? Nnnnnnnop. Nope. Nope.
Well yes, but also no.

I was drawn to the knots. In fact I had considered getting Razor (ended up going with Chance first). Eventually I ordered a medium razor in 8 firm; most of my toys have always been firmness 5. I figured with his smaller size I would need him harder... looking back that was probably the right decision.
It was nice enough. Nicely detailed shaft... but did I knot him? I don't know. That knot was too close to the base so it wasn't going in very far... I mean I did hilt the damn thing but once the knots stretches me, I'm open and the knot pops right back out. So did it pop out or did it not go all the way in? I can't tell.
Still, I wanted a good knot experience so I bough the Gryphon... this is legacy model, which I miss. This once had a nicer knot and a gradual buildup to it. I know this knot went in and this time I know that id did pop out once I had been stretched. Perhaps I need to hold in place for a while until my ass goes "close the gates!" I dunno.
So I figured knots were not for me.

Not so. The Elypse Art toy was an option. That's perfect... rather then stretch myself outside in, stretched when it IS in. Inflatable knots work so much better for me and I get to control how big I want it. And I go big not... well, I'm home while I do it so... I'm happy with him. It was a Vixen, but as with Razor and Gryphon (and Chance, Mary, Natascha) he was lost/stolen... don't ask. Later I bought a Magic which is about an inch shorter. That toy is... for lack of a good synonym, magical.

I, for some odd reason, bought a one size wolf dragon which gives me the same problem was Razor... and he's way to small. Even though I also paid for the GitD coloration. I don't use him now, he sits in a box (with no fox).
I keep looking at Rex. I mean it looks delicious, but I know that BD knots won't work for me. It looks like decent length behind the knot but I don't think I would close up enough to keep him tied.
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Re: Tell one, tell all - knotting! (kinda nsfw)

Postby Idra » Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:50 pm

Willow wrote:but did I knot him? I don't know. That knot was too close to the base so it wasn't going in very far... I mean I did hilt the damn thing but once the knots stretches me, I'm open and the knot pops right back out. So did it pop out or did it not go all the way in? I can't tell.
Still, I wanted a good knot experience so I bough the Gryphon... this is legacy model, which I miss. This once had a nicer knot and a gradual buildup to it. I know this knot went in and this time I know that id did pop out once I had been stretched. Perhaps I need to hold in place for a while until my ass goes "close the gates!" I dunno.
So I figured knots were not for me.

This has also been my experience with knotting things anally. I tried my Kelvin (bad knot to tie with, just in general, no space behind the knot) and then I tried Ridley and it just popped right back out. We'll see about Nocturne because that one does slim down a lot more behind the knot, but I haven't been able to get the knot in yet.

Vaginally, I've knotted Terra, Ridley, Kelvin, Xar, and my Mountain Drake. The only two that stay tied are Xar and MD. They feel amazing, but I've also discovered that I prefer non-traditional knot designs (like those two) vaginally because I want the girth all the way along, not just at the knot. And yet I keep looking at Fenrir, lol.

I should give more serious consideration to Elypse Art stuff, especially knowing they'll do it in non-realistic colors. Everyone says amazing things about them xD
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