The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

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The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby BorisLover » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:13 pm

By popular request Ive decided to create a thread to discuss toys that unfortunately didnt work out, or that can just be damn frustrating at times.
Heres the place to share your frustrations, lost battles and qualities that didnt quite mesh.

*disclaimer* Every /body/ is different and has different tastes so these are just PERSONAL preferences on what the individual found wasnt enjoyable.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby kt~ » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:16 pm

Also don't jump on each other if your opinions differ from someone else or if your favorite toy is their nemesis xD

I will post my experiences in the morning though :laugh:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby BorisLover » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:17 pm

One of my personal experiences.
Small Nox.
I wanted to love this toy, as i loooove the medium. But even in firm he just does not hit the right spots. Im always finding myself craving to go deeper and he just barely brushes my gspot. His girth is definitely felt but he doesnt make me feel so full in use.
I ended up giving up last night because he just wasnt doing the job.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Shardik » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:54 pm

Medium Stan.

God, he looked hot in the pictures, and so I bought one. But he Just. Doesn't. Work. Maybe it's the angle, the position, the bend in the middle, but no matter what I do, I can't make Stan go in the way I want him to.

Ah, well.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby HungryStray » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:05 pm

Just went into a whole thing about my medium/5 Trent in the Banter thread. Was really looking forward to him and the color came out perfectly, but no matter what I tried, however long I tried it, he just missed the mark and left me really frustrated. I'm 98% sure it's down to the size and firmness I chose. Big and soft, that's what I need.
Soooo... I'm doing reviews now!

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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Layne27 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:38 pm

Fruityrumpusasshole wrote:Medium 5 Echo ><
I can take a med. unflared chance without prep and very little, if any, discomfort, and Echo is just a pinch thicker than Chance.
Well, lube him up real good and stick 'im in, and felt like I was being torn in half. I couldn't even get him all the way in. The bulge just hurt too bad.
So I warmed up with my inflatable toy to stretch a little, and then when I tried again he barely felt like anything.

I've also tried a Small soft Crackers and a small medium Orc from EE, and I've come to the conclusion that swells in the upper part of the shaft on toys just hurts me, since all three did.

Which sucks because Flint is one of my absolute favorite looking toys and I've been lusting after him for some time, but he seems to have a similar swell and I'm worried he won't work out for me :/

Echo is such a sexy looking toy too, I really wanted to like him :unamused:

My small Echo was a similar experience. I could NOT get him to work for me and the swell was painful.
I do however love my mini Flint, it's one of my favorite toys by far.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Ashrahn » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:48 pm

Small/5 Stan. As a lover of girth he seemed like paradise for me, but that curve is the worst thing. He's unusable unless I grab him to stretch for something else. It sucks because I was super hyped for him and I'm glad I didn't splurge for a natural color and settled for a surprise me that came out a solid blue. The disappointment hit me less hard that way. I've heard a lot of similar accounts about Stan actually.

Small anthrodragon. I learned the hard way that human shaped dildos don't do it for me.

Most knotted toys. My body is very picky about length and if I want to stay knotted for any period of time, it rebels because I get a lot of not nice cervix poking after I'm out of the zone. I'm considering trying a mountain drake because the head looks more blunt and that's what seems to work for me.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby nevan » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:51 pm

Medium Elden. Oh man, I so badly wanted this toy to work for me, I really did. Aesthetically I adore Elden. A lot of the reviews I read for elden sounded great, and what I wanted in a toy. A small sounded too small. I first got a medium elden in medium firmness - it was too rough. The medium firmness was great for the shaft, but it made the knot impossible for me. I sold that one, and later got a wide-split medium elden secondhand (soft shaft, firm base). The soft negated the printer texture (it felt velvety, it was amazing) - but turns out, medium is just a touch too long. Plus, the shape of the knot, while it was doable in soft; was still uncomfortable for me. I think it was the wide, flat shape of it. The head and shaft, however, always felt great. I loved the thin petal-shaped head for teasing my labia and clit oh man.

Beta shark is another toy I desperately wanted to work more. Another toy I aesthetically adored, it was just underwhelming in-use for me. The awkward angle and curve of the shafts made it incredibly difficult to wrangle both into my vagina (and I didn't try anal, as butt stuff isn't my thing). Such a shame, really. Playing with the fins on the base was a lot of fun, plus inserting one shaft while rubbing the other against my clit felt really nice. I really want an aesthetically pleasing (to me) hemipeen toy that I can actually use for vaginal dp. I got a Beta because Bruce was too big to use for dp for me, and the angle of the shafts aren't' as extreme on Beta as on Bruce. Plus I have a Portside which I just found to be more fulfilling in-use than Beta (partially because Portside is girthier than Beta).

Small soft Nox I found to be a little underwhelming, too. The bulge was nice, and I did like how comfortably it fit inside me (I fell asleep a couple times with it in - it acted like a knotted toy it always stayed put for me). I just found the soft too soft, especially with the almost non-existent texture. I find my Small medium firmness Drone does what I wanted my Nox to do.

*edit* Knotted-toys in general are real hit-and-miss for me. I sold pretty much all of my knotted toys, because they were just not quite right for me in-use. Frisky Beast Mini Deinonychus, Frisky Beast Mini Cryolophosaurus, Damn Average Jackal, and of course Bad Dragon medium Elden. It wasn't that they weren't nice toys for various reasons, I just found that knotting just wasn't my thing. My FB minis, while they can be fun to pop in and out, and were easy to insert, tie, and leave in - they left me wanting. DA Jackal, while the head was nice for hitting specific spots (although I feel it would have been better firmer than 'soft (0050)' for that), the knot shape put pressure in the wrong places most of the time. The base is the perfect shape to tie comfortably, but the knot itself...wasn't for me.

Honestly, all of these toys were nice, but at the end of the day, I liked other toys more in-use (like TnP Merman, FB Drone, BD Pretzal, and more recently EE Wraith). I need to stop buying based more on aesthetics than practical use - it tends to bite me in the ass.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby SheWantsTheDragonD » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:14 pm

This thread is a great idea!
BorisLover wrote:One of my personal experiences.
Small Nox.
I wanted to love this toy, as i loooove the medium. But even in firm he just does not hit the right spots. Im always finding myself craving to go deeper and he just barely brushes my gspot. His girth is definitely felt but he doesnt make me feel so full in use.
I ended up giving up last night because he just wasnt doing the job.

I couldn't stand the two small Noxes I had. They felt like a weird, wrong bulge to me. Maybe I could try a larger one at some point, but I don't want to be let down again, you know?

Other unpleasant experiences for me:
Most recently, I finally bought a medium Nova in 5 firmness. That thing scraped me raw in all the wrong ways, even though I love small Nova. The knot is also weirdly shaped and has a dip in the middle I don't enjoy. I might want to go for a soft. I tried medium Nova a couple times. I was able to knot him, but after scraping myself too much and finally giving up, my vagina felt too irritated to enjoy anything else.

I didn't like my small 3 firmness David for vaginal use. It was boring and too soft for me. Anal use was much nicer, though.

I haven't liked anything textured in my backdoor, maybe because I still need to warm up more. It just seems to distract me from relaxing. So I didn't enjoy using medium (3) Pretzal, or small Nova. I also didn't like my small (5) Winston's Tail, but maybe a larger, softer one would feel okay back there.

My medium (5) Tentacle is just plain mediocre I know the suction cups are better in firm. I know the Tentacle would be more wiggy and tentacular in extra soft. Medium firmness was a mistake.

My medium (5) Clayton hasn't been too memorable, though I know some people really enjoy that toy. I wish I had gone for a small or mini in firm. Medium Clayton is too girthy to thrust vigorously, and I don't like how the tip feels tunneling into the back of my vagina. I have an IUD and for some reason this Clayton makes my body feel like it's gonna have a fight with the IUD, hehheh. (but for some reason I'm okay with girthier toys)
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Drazard » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:44 am

Small Nox was my first big disappointment. I bought him based on the hype around him (which I see much less of nowadays?), but he was just offensively smooth in use and felt like nothing. I had some fun DP sessions with him and my Dragon's Tongue, but it wasn't long before I moved him along.

Medium Echo didn't work for me either, which was a bit gutting because I loved the colours on the one I picked up. He was very pokey and too smooth, save for the little ridges on his underside which caused me washboardy discomfort during thrusting.

Another one that I desperately wanted to work based on looks was my medium Crackers. I adored the pour on my one, but it was seriously uncomfortable when inside due to the amount of pressure it put on my top wall. I might try another one someday with a soft shaft, because I really do love the model - but we'll see.

Most recently, my Leviathan from Tails 'n' Portholes didn't work how I'd hoped. Aesthetically, it's my favourite tentacle toy on the market; in-use, however, it's just all wrong. The downward curve of the shaft ensures that it misses all my sweet spots, and the soft head feels like nothing internally. :(
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby kt~ » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:31 am

Okay here's my list of toys that didn't work out.

Small Nox (medium firmness) - This was my first BD toy, and my first insertable experience ever. The first few times I used it, I either couldn't get the toy to go in, or it hurt like hell once I sort of got it in. But that was due to inexperience. However, once I was actually able to fit it and use it properly, all the toy ever did was poke my cervix like crazy. I don't think it ever touched my g-spot, all it ever did was try to impale my cervix. Now, most of my toys will kind of nudge or brush my cervix, and that hurts a little, but I can usually reposition them and it feels better. But with Nox I'm talking about literal stabs, giving me nausea and cramps lasting the rest of the day :bugeyed: But anyway, because this toy hurt so bad, and no one seemed to have the same experience, I thought there was something wrong with my body, and almost gave up toying....I'm glad I didn't though. Since then I sold the Nox on. But obviously I didn't learn my lesson, because then I bought......

Small Echo (soft firmness) - A lot of people compare this toy to Nox, and say it feels similar. Well they're right about that, because this toy stabbed me like a motherfucker as well. And it doesn't have any texture, either. The first time I used Echo, I slid it in and immediately got that painful impaling stab feeling :sniffing: And once that happens I just want to yank the toy out, so I did. Then I didn't use it for a few months because I was afraid of being stabbed again. Eventually I decided to try it again to decide whether I wanted to sell it or not. So it turns out I don't get stabbed if I don't insert the entire bulge, because I guess the tip doesn't reach my cervix that way. But this was totally uninteresting, since Echo is totally smooth except for the medial ring. So I tried to insert more of the toy, and once I got to the medial ring, it was sort of stimulating, except the stabbing happens again :/ So Echo is a no-go. I need toys with significantly more texture and significantly less impalement. I had the same thing happen as I did with Nox, where every time I used the toy I had bad cramps the whole rest of the day :bugeyed:

Those are my only two "really bad" experiences, but I had a few meh experiences:

Small Trent (medium firmness) - This toy just wasn't the right shape, and is totally smooth. Yeah, I know it has ridges, but I couldn't feel the ridges at all in use :unamused: so I don't count that. The tip of the toy is too small to be interesting, but once I got down to the lower part of the shaft, with more girth, the tip would just stab. So basically the toy is too long, too thin, and too smooth, for me.

Medium Fenrir (soft firmness) - This toy didn't hurt or anything, but I only used it once (least number of times I've ever used a toy before selling it...) because it was totally uninteresting to me! I just popped it in easily, and once it was in, I was like "that's it?" Then I took it out and put it away and never used it again. The toy has no texture or anything that could possibly be stimulating. And I didn't even have any difficulty with getting the knot in. I would have kept it to wear as a plug overnight, but I tried that with small Razor and it didn't end too well :surprised: so I'm guessing wearing toys as plugs will never be a thing for me :sniffing:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby vixenvega » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:50 am

I have some! All vaginal.

Nocturne, M/5: I found the length to be fine, but it was so thin and the texture was pretty indistinguishable from the rest of the shaft. The knot was no challenge and the spikes on the base, which I was very excited for, were not stimulating for me at all. It didn't nuzzle into my a-spot, it didn't stroke my g-spot, it really did nothing for me.
Not interested in a different size or firmness.

Kelvin, M/5: Another too thin toy with texture that I couldn't pick up, it was also too short. Again, the knot was no problem and overall it didn't do anything for me.
Not interested in a different size or firmness.

Crackers, M/5: This one had promise. The swell felt great going in, and the printer texture was nice and scrapey. But it was easily hilted and once that happened the toy was really reluctant to be moved. It essentially acted as a knot for me as my pelvic muscles just totally clamped down on the throat, unfortunately despite being a decent size it basically felt like nothing inside once it was locked in. I like to thrust or ride, so that didn't work well for me. The base was fun to grind on though and I enjoyed the printer texture.
I'd like to try this again in a S/8. It may be a bit small, but I'm hoping the curve and the printer texture make up for the lack of length and girth.

Apollo, M/5: The texture came through for me when I used the toy backwards, but it was a lot more gentle than I expected or wanted. This is the toy that helped me figure out that I ultimately do not like knots.
No cervix trouble though, which I totally expected, so that's a positive.
Not interested in a different size or firmness.

Moko M/5: Too small all around. This toy was excessively squishy to me and I did not enjoy it. I couldn't feel the barbs and I really wanted to. It was too smooth and had no real girth to make up for the lack of texture. I only tried it briefly once, the orgasm it gave was really sub-par and I felt the need to make up for it with Luka.
I would try Moko again in a L/5 or 8.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Arumaeruma » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:52 am

This is a great idea for a thread! I sometimes feel like people are too afraid to list the negatives of a toy, but I've certainly had my handful of toys I didn't like at all.

Tentacle (Medium Size)- I really, really disliked this toy in so many ways. I don't feel much externally so rubbing it against me felt like nothing. I found that inserting it gave me a sensation similar to someone whose really bad at fingering. It didn't focus on any spots, and just felt like it was jabbing me inside. I found difficulty riding this toy, grinding, and thrusting. Overall missed the mark, felt like nothing and way too thin to get any sort of pleasure from.

David (Medium Size)- Thrusting this toy felt like nothing, it gave me so little stimulation it was unbelievable. I also found the knot to be very underwhelming. I was able to hilt it and was just like "really?" It gave me an incredibly minimal stretching sensation and zero pop. Once it was inserted it was too long and straight to give me any pleasure. Underwhelming and awkward toy, which sucks since I love werewolves.

Fenrir (Large Size)- Way too small for me to enjoy. I found the knot slid in without much effort, the shaft was too thin to feel any stimulation, and once I knotted the toy... it felt like nothing. The knot didn't put the right amount of pressure on me, I think it wasn't the right size to rest comfortably like my other knotted toys I enjoy. I couldn't thrust the toy, couldn't grind, couldn't do much. I was amazed at how little feeling this toy gave me. I'm mad because I really like the design of this toy, I might try to get an XL in the future but I have no idea if I'd be able to knot it okay. I feel like with the XL it would be larger and sit lower so I can get the right amount of pressure from it.

Nova (Medium Size)- I saved the worst for last. My medium nova was the only toy I've tried and not only got zero stimulation from, but man this toy hurt me. I have never sold a toy quicker than my first time trying this guy out, which sucks since he's an appealing toy! The toy is so straight that it misses the mark for me. Thrusting it gave me zero stimulation, the ridges felt like nothing, it was just odd. The only sensation I got was this toys ability to hone in directly on my cervix and give me tinges of cramping. I tried getting on top to ride and grind it (since it's how I finish) and man it felt even worse. The knot felt SO awkward, stretching me in such an uncomfortable way. And not only that, but man this guy REALLY likes my cervix. I had to stop toying because I literally felt such a sick pain deep in my gut from this guy pressing on my cervix. I felt like I was going to vomit. Nothing about this toy worked well for me in any regards.

I found that most of the toys I've disliked are particularly straight toys. They just have this nature to miss my sweet spots and hit me in bad places. Bleh, every time I see a pretty Nova I get sad because he did not feel good at all for me.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Niah » Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:53 am

These are more meh than out right nope, it didn't work. Variety of reasons why these have made the list:

Medium/5 Nocturne - Considering his length and size compared to toys I already have, I thought I'd be able to knot and such. As of today I've yet to knot him after 2 tries. I'm not sure if it's the shape, length, or what. All of it is manageable for me, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I don't feel any of his little bumps really. I'm going to try some more with him to see if I can use him in a way that works for me.

Medium/5 Terra - He feels very good above his knot, but I cannot knot him for the life of me. I know it's due to the girth of the knot (largest in my collection). I also need a more sessions with him. He's so gorgeous that I know I could probably sell him pretty quickly, but I also don't want to let him go just yet because of that. A small would be too small, I think, and I think with a medium/3 I wouldn't feel his textures as much.

Medium/5 Pretzal - His shape is very unusual, and I've yet to find a way to use him that really works. He also needs more sessions. He gets a tad too big close to the base and I need to find a way of managing his curve. Visually he's one of my favorite models and I've love an XL or L that's breathtakingly gorgeous just for decoration/trophy purposes.

Small/5 Sleipnir - The first half of him is absolutely amazing, but because his measurements are off, I can't take more than half of him without my body telling me to get it the hell out. I have a small/3 Sleipnir and he's amazing, so I know it's the firmness that's the issue. I'm still hanging onto the small/5 because I love how the first half feels and he's great if I want something with girth and a bit of roughness. :stick:

Small/3 Crackers - Amazing for the first few uses, but he's underwhelming now. I haven't used him in a while (I reach more for my small/3 Flint). I also don't know if he's actually in 3. He feels more like a 5, and I can't really thrust with him because of the texture. I want to toy with him again and see, but he might be one I sell in the future.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Darkenedstar14 » Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:39 pm

I had a m/5 Terra for a very short time. I heard a lot of good feedback about it and I saw a color I liked in adoptions. I tried it twice and...I just was not impressed. Even now I'm not sure exactly what bothered me about it. Nothing was wrong with it, I just didn't like it. My vagina was like "Nope."

I guess I could say my XL David (my 1st BD toy ever) didn't work out either. I used it often, but it wasn't always comfortable if I wasn't properly in the mood. After a while I used it less and less and I began looking at something that was large, but not overwhelming.

Both of these items were sold to good homes. If I can't use them,, then I'm sure someone else will. :smilenox:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby ObeyTheSnarf » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:53 pm

Ooh man... there've been a few.

Vibratex Magic Wand - Having encountered so much hype for this toy, I was horrendously underwhelmed and kinda disappointed. :eyeroll: It's powerful, but that's about it... It can get me off, but it's not very interesting, tbh. I'd wonder if I got a fake, but I got it off Walmart's site after hearing theirs were legit (and it looks pretty legit, too). Idk... maybe if I get more used to using it, I'll like it, but... right now it's just messy and loud. Almost gave it away to an ex-partner.

3 Kage the Anomaly - I read a bunch of reviews from people saying it was like Xar, but better. I was intrigued... but it turned out that it's a little too long and pointy for me to use comfortably. It aims riiiight for my cervix. *sigh* It's a really pretty one, too. Indigo to pink fade with a light green base, all UV-reactive. It's a huge bummer! :unamused:

Medium 5 Elden - Cannot stand this toy. :surprised: The skinny, bumpy, floppy shaft is all pokey and icky-feeling. When knotted, it pokes me in the cervix. :eyeroll: I've done a little anal play with him, but he's too long and I'm not ready to take that knot. I like him more for cuddling and windmilling. The texture of it is very pleasant on the hands and face, and he's probably the best in my collection when it comes to windmilling and ridiculous wobbling! :widesmile: Fun to show to friends, but not fun to show to my vagina!

Large 3 Tentacle - I really wanted to like this toy. It's so cool, and mine's in Opal! It's... ok. I think I don't much like tapered toys, and 8" insertable length is too long for me to hilt (and I like to hilt my toys). It's certainly novel, though.

TnP Merman - It's cute and really pretty, but the knot is super flattened and doesn't want to stay in place. It doesn't help that I'm used to bigger toys, either.

TnP Male Nereid - Too small. I figured it would be, so I'm not particularly upset. Both of the TnP toys I have are also very delicate. The scales on the Merman lift up very easily. I'm considering getting one of their new 3D-printed designs, which look more sturdy... I guess we'll see. :mystery:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Rainbow Dasher » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:35 pm

Medium (5) Nocturne and XL (5) Nocturne - Neither of them felt right at all. The "knots" gave me this odd, almost nauseating feeling in my stomach when thrusting. I just didn't like them, and neither hit any particularly good spots, once inside.

Medium (5) Chance (flared) - The pop of the head was nice but after that... No. It caused me to feel pressure in my anus, and also gave me a nasty feeling in the stomach. It didn't feel "right" to me.

Snow Leopard (5) - The nubs on the head about rubbed me raw. I wanted to like this toy, and am thinking about grabbing another, in soft, but that's assuming he gets a larger-sized release.

Kage (5) - Way too small for me. I didn't feel anything of him. He went in...and that was it. Thrusting didn't do terribly much for me, either.

Medium (5) Hanns - I may as well have been inserting an egg. That's what it felt like. Thrusting him made the 'petals" on the head, rub me in all of the wrong ways. I lubed him up to hell and back, and it still rubbed me raw.

Large (3) Pretzel - Very awkward to use. I've tried every position you can think of, including riding which is a bit difficult for me to do. A beautiful toy, but severely underwhelming.

Small (5) Stan - The head was lovely, but the rest of it... That curve was a royal PITA, and I could barely use the toy because of it. I've managed to hilt him, once. That's it. He's too much work to use for so little reward. I couldn't even get an orgasm from it.

Medium (5) Fenrir - It felt like nothing; the knot slid in, in seconds and I damn near almost inserted the base. I personally think (and know) it's a glorified anal plug. It did nothing for me, vaginally.
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Ziarre » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:09 am

I love this thread. <3 I like hearing the pros and glowing reviews, but the cons are also super important. :widesmile:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Vitani » Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:48 am

Lets see...

Medium Nox
Loved the toy aesthetically, even back when HyenaQueen first posted the idea for it. I wasn't able to get one for awhile though due to funds, and then I had taken a long hiatus from BD. When I came back, reviews on him glowed, and this made me super happy! I picked one up from adoptions...and the first use was incredible. He gave me a hands free orgasm! :smile:
Ever since then attempts with him have been mostly bleh. :C I want to love this toy so much (I also love the coloring and pattern on mine) and I feel like some of the problem is me simply trying too hard :C I feel like I have to be at a certain level of horniness to start out with for this toy to really work out for me, and unfortunately that doesn't happen that much. Not sure what it is about him that lacks luster....he seems to hit some nice spots, but it's only fleeting and then the rest of the session is me trying really hard to get the spots again, and with more pressure.
Still holding onto him because sometimes it works out well for me. But he's one of the first ones I'd sell if I absolutely needed the money.

Small Werewolf
Ugh. This toy. The head felt nice, and that was about it. The knot was extremely just sat right at my vaginal opening and kept it stretched in a painful way, the toy was too short for me to really enjoy thrusting with, and the printer texture was obnoxious. x.X I sold him after a few genuine tries. Not interested in different sizes...the knot in anything bigger just looks painful.

Large Dolphin
Bought this guy during the extinction sale just before BD took him off the site. I always thought the Dolphin was beautiful. I got mine in Halloween Black to boot, so it was just absolutely gorgeous ;;
There were things I loved about the toy, and then things I just hated about it. The slow taper and wave was AMAZING to slide down~ Oh my god <3 But that tip...was excruciatingly painful! It stabbed not only my cervix, but all throughout my vagina as well if I didn't slide down the shaft careful enough. It felt like a bunch of paper the vagina. (this is a reason why I want a tongue so bad...same taper, same wave, but the tip is much more rounded!)
Also the angle this toy was at, coupled with how HEAVY it was made the toy very awkward to use. He tired out my arms, and nothing kills a ladyboner for me faster than that. :doh:

Legacy Breeder
A user on the forums bought this toy for me, so I felt kinda bad that I didn't enjoy him as much as I wanted to :C
In 5 firmness, the shaft was too thin and floppy, it didn't keep it's s curve...the part I was interested in the most, so the whole toy just felt very bland. The ridges were kinda nice, but they weren't as stimulating as I'd hoped they'd be. Also the knot was impossible to take. I tried MANY times, and even warmed up with my medium Xar beforehand....still no dice. Everytime I used this toy was like 'meh' .... and then ended in a severely underwhelming orgasm, so I finally sold him.

Small Sleipnir
SERIOUSLY underestimated the size of this thing. It was huge and it scared me. :C I tried taking it, but literally couldn't get much past the head before I would get this weird pain inside of me.... very unpleasant. I also discovered that I hate blunt headed toys. :doh: Thrusting with it created this weird plunging feeling almost, and I couldn't even thrust much due to how thick it was (the stretch pain prevented me from thrusting) and the fact that I could only take a couple inches of the damn thing. I never rehomed a toy so fast in my life. :unamused:
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Re: The Anti-sessions Lounge (Toys that didnt work out)

Postby Bakpakgrrl » Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:26 pm

This is a great thread! Thanks to everyone for being so articulate and specific - it's making me think twice about some possible wishlist toys! And now on to my gripe list:

Medium (5) Nox
Boy, was I surprised when I could never get this guy to work for me. It was one of my first purchases, and the size and firmness were never an issue. There's just something about the bulge near the head that is really uncomfortable around my g-spot - just lots of stretching and poking without much pleasure. That and he's just a little too smooth for my tastes. I still have a soft in my sights just to try and be absolutely sure, but I'm not optimistic :nerdy:

Medium (5) Bruiser
I really wanted this toy to work out for me. The knot seemed like the perfect size; I dig ridge textures, and there's a good amount of space under the knot for easy tying. I tried him numerous times, and he didn't feel bad, per se, but just couldn't bring me anywhere near the edge. I think he was just a touch too long to knot and hilt, so there was a bit too much forcing going on when I thrusted. And his balls made him too heavy.

Medium (5) Vergil
Again, seemed like perfect knot size, and I was excited to try my first double-knot-esque toy. It's funny, I really like the smooth shafts they've had going on with the newer toys like Bumble, but Virgil is too smooth in a boring way. Just nothing going on really, and the taper of the large knot with no taper in underneath it meant just no pop for me. And it was too big overall to thrust efficiently, which is my preferred toying method.

Large wide-split Crash
It was a tough decision selling this guy, as he always straddled the line between occasional intense pleasure and more frequently pain, but that was entirely my fault for trying to take as much of an 8.5" long toy as possible (but the girth & knot size of the medium weren't quite enough for me). I could just barely knot him before bottoming out, but it always felt like my cervix and back wall were getting fisted in a not-good way when I took that much of the shaft. Also the knot shape is....odd, and he was also a bit too straight for me.

Medium (5) Terra
This is the toy that made me realize I really don't like toys that stay wide near the base. I don't like the feeling of continuous stretching around my vaginal opening that does not stop once the toy is inserted. The texture didn't really do anything for me (probably because of its location), and having the two bulges going in opposite directions just felt weird to me. And having really no taper between the bulge/knot, it just felt like 1 continuous, uninteresting shaft.

Small (5) and Medium (5) Pretzal
His shape is just too awkward for me to work with in any position. And due to his small upper-shaft diameter, I missed out on the texture on both sizes, and it disappears near the bottom once it got big enough for me to feel. Another one that I really wanted to work out for me.

Honorable Mention: Small (3) Moko
This is probably mostly due to the fact that the size was not appropriate for me (too small and too short), but I just found the shaft too smooth and boring.
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