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Next Toy?

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:46 pm
by LewdGarlicBeard
Hello BD Forums, I have a hard time choosing my next toy. I am stuck between JT, Duke's Butt, and Sugar Star. I have Janine's Muzzel and I love it but I want to experience something tighter or more textured. I have narrowed it down between these 3. I brought Perry with firmness 5 and I couldn't fit in it at all, so my main concern is that I might not fit. I have a girth of little less than 6in.

If you have any of these toys, how was your experience?

Re: Next Toy?

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:40 am
by BnS_Pup
I had Duke's butt as my first penetrable. Overall I give him a 6.5/10.
He's a nice ride but I found it to be a little lacking. Duke was a little loose for me (and I am kinda girthy), tight entrance and inside is nice. Had a whole different feel to me when I had the little plate designs up/down. I put him up for adoption and got me a Janine.

I wont say he's a bad toy, he just wasnt the best for me