Blaze meets Shock Rocker

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Blaze meets Shock Rocker

Postby Xand17 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:09 am

Got my Wife "Blaze" Medium Firm Crimson Red. We paired it to the Shock Rocker that I got us a month ago. My wife had used a
Nocturne-Small Medium w/Suction cup. the first go around when we got the shock rocker. she complain it was not enough plus I think it was in not seated the way she wanted.
2 nights ago Blaze arrived from BLACK Friday purchase(was to be a xmas gift) wife gets all ready and goes and gets the rocker out and starts looking for toys is about to use the dildo I bought with it to try. ( don't like the toy it feels off and has a sweet smell to it) so I ask what you looking for I want to try something else, she says. she gets Nocturne out to compare with the dildo, they are about the same, she has a frown on her face I ask what you looking for something a little bigger, here I go and get the gift that has only arrived less than an hour ago. we set everything up and she has the toy not in the right direction to her liking again, adjustment was made.
My wife lasted but 10 min.. Was so freaking hot, see loves this new Blaze with the Shock Rocker!!
Great Bad-dragon Toy and Rocker!!
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