First time buyer experience: Nova&Stuff.

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First time buyer experience: Nova&Stuff.

Postby Hephaistos » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:44 am

I wanted to write about my whole experience with BD and their Produkts.

There were manly 3 different things I wasn't sure about.
1. Size
2. How many Toys
3. How much Cum lube

1.First of, the Size
I first thought about how big I've already managed to go. So there was my Fist. I tried to measure it, but as you might know a Hand Is not a round object. But there was a pringles box laying around, my hand barley fitted inside. That's how I found out ~8cm(3inch) will fit. The Nova XL is 3-4 inch thick. I knew I won't be able to knot it, but it would be a new possible challenge. Also I adore the shape of Nova and think it's the best looking one.
2. After that, I decided to only buy the Nova because I first wanted to see what I get and I didn't want any toy, the size I already have, just to realize I don't like it.
3. I bought 3 bottles (4 with the one you get for free).

The waiting time was 2.5 Months, but the longer you wait the happier you get when receiving it. I almost came when I opened the box^^

I got the Nova Yesterday and took myself time to enjoy him right away. I started with the cum lube and I have to say it's fucking amazing. I already fell in love with it and hope my 4 bottles will get me through until the next order. It's really stringy and messy, but also it's the first lub I've used, that is not too expensiv, doesn't smell bad (Smells like that toy slime form your childhood), actually does it's duty to lube your toys and is nice to just play around with. (Haven't yet thought of lube as a sexually arousing thing...)

► Show Spoiler

After applying some lube to my Hands (its hard to get it out of the bottle without making a mess, it's very stringy), I fingered myself until the fist went in and I felt comfortable. Then the moment of truth came. I was already extremely excited from just looking at it (guess I have a dragon dick fetish), just the look of the cum lube coming out of the Dildo (It's not spurting, it's more like a trickle) makes me aroused and I wanted it inside me. I usually lay on my side, because I play around for several hours, but the XL Nova is to Big to hold it in your Hands. Anyways I started to lower myself on the Nova in a sitting position. The size is just... OMG! This is the first time I had trouble to keep myself quiet. I went as far as I could, then I used the Cum tube to apply more lube and moved my hips, just forward and backwards. After some time I managed to get myself to the knot. At this point I didn't have any strength left to move anymore and my body was shaking.
I didn't want to totally fuck myself up, because I had my finals the next day. So I finished, with my vibe.
Overall I just love it. Not only do they give you a new sensation, they also just look good. Every time I look at it I feel satisfied and happy, for some it's comparable to a good painting, for me it's the same as looking at my Guitar. I play on it everyday, but just looking at it also makes me happy.

Nova XL medium (Cum tube and Suction cup):
- Doesn't smell at all
- The Silicon has a higher grad of quality then everything else I own.
- Medium firmness on a Nova XL is perfect. It doesn't move to much, you can keep it in place, but it's also very soft. (yes I know this might not apply for everyone, but I would recommend it.)
- It's heavy, using it with your hands might cause permanent sore muscles. At least if don't lift dragons in the gym.
- It's nice to start with, to go lager.
- Hiding it is problematic. (I put it in a backpack, warped in a towel)
- Cleaning in the sink doesn't work anymore (too small), you will need the shower. Overall cleaning is easier then I though, but it takes some time. 2-3min
- Knoting will take a lot of practice.

Cum Lube:
- Worth it, buy as much as you fit in your closet.
Waiting time, CS and shipping:
- The waiting time is as long as their toys, so it's understandable.
- CS before Black Friday: very good, respond within 3 days.
- CS after Black Friday: respond took 1 week and although my Nova was finished they had another week just to package it up and ship it.
- Shipping within 2 days to Switzerland. They also put the customs paper so you couldn't read what's inside. (may be a plus for a lot of persons)

I also got the toy cleaner, but I don't really have any references for comparisons. It works.?

Last but not least, I love their work and there won't be much time until my next order, but I'll buy something from the clearance this time. Maybe you have any suggestions for me, although I'm quiet sure, it will be a chance (L or XL).

If you have any questions let me know, you can also PM me if you want.
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Re: First time buyer experience: Nova&Stuff.

Postby Grigori » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:27 am

I'm happy to hear your experience!

Nova is also one of my favorite toys (XL soft), one can feel all the ridges without them being abrasive. It is a good toy to train depth and girth. The knot is amazing and due to the shape it can compress quite a bit and be taken easier and sooner than you expect.

I can recommend a Xar after you are able to knot the Nova. Can't say anything about a Chance since I don't own one, but for another similar toy, Tyson, it is a completely different feeling from Nova. To me, personally, it doesn't work as well.

Also, 2.5 months, wow that waiting time is getting out of hand... And agree cum lube is amazing, but expensive to justify after exchange rates, shipping, customs and tax.
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Re: First time buyer experience: Nova&Stuff.

Postby Hephaistos » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:30 am

Grigori wrote:I'm happy to hear your experience!

And agree cum lube is amazing, but expensive to justify after exchange rates, shipping, customs and tax.

Guess this is one preference to live in switzerland "or not?". Everthing costs more even Lube. Even after taxes and shipping it costs less /ml than all other lubes from the swiss online store.

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