Next anal toy choice?

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Next anal toy choice?

Postby BnS_Pup » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:43 pm

Been a couple years and I'm back to looking at BD toys for some fun. Wife is finally getting into playing with me with anal and she seems to have fun watching me squirm. We have found that around 4-5 inches in, there is some magical thing that just makes me turn to jelly when she is pegging or fingering deep. I'm pretty sure it's not the prostate but holy cow is it fun. My small Echo is a slight challenge if I havent played for a while but oh my god that ring :blush:

I do know I dont want anything with a point like Spritz. That one just seemed to stab me painfully even though he was perfectly made. Also, I could never feel those ridges, which made me sad

The agenda:

The choices I am looking at currently are Winston's tongue as a stretching tool and some fun, might consider Ika for that but no clue how those suckers will feel. The fantasy with the tongue though... Chances are I will bite the bullet and get one of these with something below

Next up is something to maybe grind/ride on. Xar seems to be very popular but I would defeinitely need the Winston/Ika to tag-team him in.

Pretzel or Crackers look interesting for texture, and I'm curious if my backdoor enjoys that. I guess Ika would also help with seeing if I like texture? :misc15:

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