Let's play a game, above's orders (Bad dragon style)

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Let's play a game, above's orders (Bad dragon style)

Postby werebolt66 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:31 am

I don't know if anybody posted a game like this on this forum, i've been trying for a while to research anything like this but can't find so...
The objective of this game is to have a good time in your toying sessions and test things that you never will do by yourself, so let's be clear, you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or it's dangerous for your body, you can stop whenever you want, this game is going to have some rules but for your safety, dont make anything that can make your body uncomfortable, you don't have to prove anything.

WELL... Let's explain the rules:
-You will do whatever the last post says, following the instructions that person left to you in order to post a new ones. (Obviusly no one knowns if you did, so please let's be the most honest that we can).

-After doing the session, you can post a brief text explaining how the session was, but you have to put another instructions in order to continue the game.

-Please be clear with the instructions, and make the things easy to understand, you can post a brief tale if your feel inspirated to make things more interesting.


Ain't going to put more rules, because i want that you make your own ones.
I think that it's interesting how far we can go for doing a thing that will never do if no one tell us that we must do it in order to please him/her so it's on your own: You can fantasize about being dominated, maybe making your lover hapier following the intructions that gives to you or maybe you want to test your limits.

So let's start: :smile:

Today you are going to be caged at least for 30 min, you have been abducted, but it's your lucky day because you are going to be comfortable taking all those thick dicks, you have been kidnaped by a especie that you know very well (Grab a toy that you can hilt comfortable, suction cup if its posible, or attach to a F-machine)

Background: You are in a anthro world and human's fluids are the first resource to reproductive and fertility treatments, sometimes many species pays you in order to have your very appreciated fluids, but in a anthro world you are a weakling and not all those creatures have the same money to pay four your services. Today you are walking on the streets, just making your daily routine when you stop at the entrance of an alley, you see that guy, or at least he seems, you had a long relationship whit him long time ago, you can't recognise him but looks like he does, so he does any kind of gesture and you think that its an invitation to talk, at the very entrance of the alley you can barely watch your step and at the moment you start to move along feel a sudden hit in your head, you fall unconscious.
Suddenly you awake handcuffed (tie yourself hands and feet, and adopt turtle position, doggystyle or stand up arch your back and present your butt) and tied to a wall, you can't see anything (blindfold or close eyes) its all dark and you just feel your buttocks pressed to a cold wall, you feel completly naked and your ass/pussy leaking some kind of lube (lube yourself with a good amunt of your favourite lube) you start to hear many male voices at the other side of the wall and suddenly you feel it, somekind of warm object starts to press against your hole entrance just teasing yourself up and down, left to right (poke yourself with your dildo for 1min) and with no hesitation the hung starts to make it's way inside you, you can feel your poor hole stretching and clenching around the shape of that dick, untill you start to feel the very base of the other side's male, (take all the way to the base in a veeeery slow thrust), you start to feel yourself a bit uncomfortable but you feel a familiar sensation in your hole you know very well the shape of this phallus, but in fact it's bigger and longer, you don't remeber your partner so well endowed, instantly you feel the need of touch your penis/clit in order to stimulate yourself but you can't, you are tied, so all you can do is brace youserlf and pray for beeing not broken at the end of the day... (Don't touch your clit/dick, you are tied)

-Wait 30 sec with the dick full length inside and thrust 2 min all the way to the base, long and slow thrusts.

-Male change! it's another's turn 1min with a dick outside.

-Impatient one! this one its a bit nervous, all the way to the base in one fast thrust 1Min pumping hard and fast all the way long, slowly going down till stop for 3Min.

-Male change! it's another's turn 1min with a dick outside.

-The teasing one, this one is just rubing his dick around, poking your hole, perineal, and buttocks 2Min.

-Male change! it's another's turn 1min with a dick outside.

-This one no need to rest? 1 go to the 2/4, 3/4 of that dick, dont reach the base, steady fuck till that spot 5Min, after that, one fast thrust to the base, rest for 30sec, again steady fuck short thrusts just 1 inch or 2 till the base, feeling his base against your hole for 3 min, 1 long thrust till the base and rest for 30 sec.

-Male change! it's another's turn 1min with a dick outside.

-Beg for it, now you want the dicks, all the way to the base, push yourself further, with every thrust you will savour the moment, so every time you reach the base you will rest for 3 sec repeat for 3Min.

-Male change! it's another's turn 1min with a dick outside.

-Just the tip, tip fucking inside/outside for 2 min.

-No dick change! you don't want to feel more emptiness! fuck that thick dick at a high rythm for 5Min try to make him cum, clench your ass/pussy around that d and milk him inside you.

You are own their respect and they your fluids... you are no longer handcuffed nor longer obliged to stay, so you can go now or stay... in case that you didn't already cum...

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