Female LG Flint Firm 5star review

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Female LG Flint Firm 5star review

Postby Snow-Fox » Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:32 pm

My wife and I have been around Bad Dragon for quite some time (as in original chance and chimera days), but our collection is not as grand as some. Most of our toys are medium or soft firmness, medium sized, smooth shaft or knot style toys.

We have both been regretting the soft chance and wanting something less floppy. We both also wanted to try something with more texture. Those pronounced ridges on Flint looked, well, very stimulating! I decided I wanted to try getting something big, but not too big. Great news is Bad Dragon has soooo many options for that!

Since custom orders have been down for so long, we have been trying to snag one from the stock toys for weeks. And then, this Large Flint in Firm with 3rd kind coloration came up. I had to get it.

Ordering, shipping and packaging was efficient and discreet as always.

When the toy arrived, I don't think either of us were prepared for the shear Girth of this toy. He is Huge! Or is that Yuge? After showing her the toy, and not to be intimidated, my wife didn't back down from the challenge of giving this toy a chance. After quite a bit of lube was applied... it just kinda... went in. I definitely did NOT expect that lol. And after I stopped for a second so she could catch her breath, she was shocked at how far in it went also. Lol I guess we found out she is a size queen... who knew?!

Thoughts on this toy: 5 stars, amazing texture, girth for days!

As many of the other reviews state, this toy does drag the lube out. Meaning you do have to keep reappling it often. I would highly suggest a cum tube if you have the choice. In her opinion, It is not a great fast thrusting toy. However, it is a wonderful filling and slow riding toy. One side has intense texture and the other mostly smooth. This gives you the option of a little twist to change the intensity of texture on the appropriate places :stick:

After about 15 minutes of play (and 8 orgasms later) she was able to almost take the entire length. Something neither of us thought originally possible to reach.

For years we have both thought I was the size queen due to the size of knotted toys I can take that she can't, but I don't think I'll be able to take this big guy. As many others have said, the shape of the toy really does change what you can take. For her, it seems to be Flint lol. For now, I have handed her the crown. She wins.

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