Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby cupcakes-and-kink » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:11 pm

♥ Owns:
Med/5 Dark Natural Razor with cumtube
Med/5 Surprise Me! Tentacle

♥ Wishlist:
• Small/5 Valiant Meld Cole
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Snow Paws
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Snow Paws » Thu May 02, 2013 9:17 am


Tentacle/Medium/5/Split Pink
Tentacle/Small/8/Anniversary special
Spritz/Small/5/Rogue Blue
David/Small/5/Silver Slasher
Moko/Small/3/Sinister Pumpkin
Cracker/Small/5/Suction Cup/Regal Alpha
Small Nox/3/Pink and Red
Small Cole/8/Pink and Yellow
Small Ice Dragon/Extra Soft/Frankenpour
Meng/8/Magnificent Colors
Small Flint/8/Pink
Snow Leopard ]/3/Suction Cup/ Pink and grey
Small Fenrir/5/ Kaiju Colors
Small Crash /5/ Surprise Me
Mini Sleipnir/8/Black and red
Small Diego/5/ Blue and red
Small Dexter/8/Metallic purple and blue
Small Demogorgon/8/Natural

Waiting On:


Tentacle/Large/3/Striped Natural
Clayton/Small/5/Suction Cup/Custom Color
Flint/Small/3/Dark Natural
Xar/Small/3/Lightning Bug
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby QueenCheetah » Thu May 02, 2013 11:05 am


Small Ridgeback,8
Small David the Werewolf, 8
Small Razor the Doberman, 8
Legacy Gryphon, 8
Medium Winston's Tail, 5
Small Bruiser, 8
Small Moko, 5


*New* Small Dragon's Tongue, 5 or 8
Medium Razor, 8, custom color
All my posts are tl; dr.

The Ridgeback (thanks hazzardwolf!)
David the Werewolf (thanks MildWolf!)
Razor the Doberman (thanks Rund!)
Legacy Gryphon (thanks Harpy!)
Winston's Tail
Small Bruiser
Small Moko
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Curiousbystander » Thu May 02, 2013 7:06 pm

Currently Own:
Anthro Husky
Anthro Mare

To order this year:
The Dragoness
Chance - Small (To start my first time of butt sex)-cumtube

To Order This Month:
Chance - Small - Cumtube

To Order In June or July:
The Dragonness
Got a Original version Dragoness, the Mare, and Husky for sale.
PM for details.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Ehrsdreco » Sat May 04, 2013 10:19 pm

So far

On the Way ~ :D (arriving this Monday or Tuesday, murrr)

Wish list ~
All of them XD
David/M/5/3/With Suction cup/surprise me
Dragon's tongue/S/5/Surprise me
Wish List
Dragon's Tongue/S/Surprise
REALLY would love mini BD toys, they're just so cute :3

Also I am OPEN for digital commissions, cheap ~ PM me for more info -
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby BlackOutRansom » Sun May 05, 2013 1:44 am

Current Toys

Xenogon - 5 - Maroon

Bruiser - 5 - Whore Red FLOP
Xar - 5 - SC - Lightning bug FLOP
Chance (Flared) - 3 - CT - Pink to white fade FLOP
Crackers - 3/8 - SC - Purple to blue shaft, ice blue base Pearlescant
Breeder - 5 - SC - Anniversary Marble
Nox - 5 - Night Drake color FLOP

Moko - 5 - Dark Flesh tone to brown, tan base FLOP
Chance Unflared - 5 - Teal-blue and bright blue marble

Waiting On

Previously Owned
Crackers - 5 - SC - Flesh pink to Purple shaft, Green base FLOP
Clayton - 5 - Citrus Orange FLOP
Elden - 3/8 - SC Light blue shaft with teal highlight, dark blue base FLOP
Moko - 5 - CT - Onyx Black
Gryphon - 5 - Forest Green
Naga - 5 - SC - DarkNatural
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BD Checklist: Here!

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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Keely » Sun May 05, 2013 1:48 am

~post moved~ :fap:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby DeutscheDogboy » Tue May 14, 2013 9:16 pm

Chance the Stallion, Small/Flared/8
Natascha the Husky
Small John (Zeta)
Micro Rider (Zeta)
Roy's Toy (Zeta/Gel)
Double-Ended Silver (Exotic Erotics)
Vixen (Elyspe Art)

Used to Own:
Waterhorse, Medium/5 (Sold)
Waterhorse, Large 5 (Sold)
Xenogon, Medium/5 (Sold)
Chance the Stallion, Large/Flared/5 (Stolen)
Euro Ruff's Stuff (Zeta) (Sold)
Roy's Toy (Zeta/Gel) (Worn out)
Goliath (Tantus) (Stolen)
Echo (Tantus) (Stolen)
Vixen (Elypse Art) (Sold)
Vixen (Elypse Art) (Worn out)
Vixen(Elypse Art) (Stolen)
Magic (Elypse Art) (Stolen)

Chance the Stallion, Large/Flared
Chico the Little Squirt
Mary the Mare
Elden the Faerie Dragon
Oskar the Horse (Zeta)
Motown (Exotic Erotics)
Tantus Goliath (any colour)
Tantus Echo (any colour)
Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg
Fleshlight Freaks Zombie
California Exotics Butt Banger

Waiting on:
Euro Akita (Zeta)
My collection:
Stubbs - Natural
Wolf Dragon (Beta) - Metallic Red/Green/Bronze Marble
Chance the Stallion - Pink Metallic/Rare White Split
Chico - Fleshy Pink
Chico - Crimson Red
Vixen (EA) - Slate Blue
Euro Roy's Toy (Zeta) - Flesh
Euro Bear (Zeta) - Black
Micro Rider (Zeta) - Flesh
Pecos (Zeta) - Black
Small John (Zeta) - Flesh
Double-Ended Silver (EE) - Natural [For sale - PM me]
Goliath (Tantus) - Pink Pearl
Echo Handle (Tantus) - Pink/Purple Marble
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Ryoko » Tue May 21, 2013 3:50 pm

I Own
Large Naga: Split Firm, Emerald Green
Medium Anthro Dragon: Firm, Emerald Green
Large Karabos: Split Firm, Metallic Rust w. Blue HL
Large Cockatrice: Split Firm, SC, 91DA64 w. 5DBCD2 HL/E0DCB7

XL Clayton: Split Firm, SC, Metallic Tiger's Eye Marble(3)
XL Tongue: Medium, Surprise Me! Fade
Large Chance: Firm, Pearlescent Light Azure & Gray/ Light Gray
Large Flared Chance: Firm, Pearlescent Deep Red to Dark Gray
XL Luka: Medium, Earthy Brown to Citrus Orange/Brilliant White
XL Vergil: Medium, SC, Cherry Cordial
XL Werewolf: Medium, SC, 99FFFF & 666666/ 8D6746
Large Anthrodragon: Medium, E55451 to FFEE00
XL Moko: Split Wide: Deep Purple/ Metallic Dark Blue (Black HL)
XL Cockatrice: Split Wide, Pearlescent Deep Red to Pale Red/ Pearlescent Light Sky Blue
XL Karabos: Split Wide, Pearlescent Deep Purple to Lavender/ Pearlescent Emerald Green

Bad Dragon Labs
Un-Cut Draconis
Nox Nightdrake

Other Toys

Exotic-Erotics: Amir, Charlie, Remus, Henry, Large Elephant Trunk, Large Hippocampus

Knotme: Zeta Slider

Zoofur: 2 Keeper, Super Trumpet
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Mudkipz9 » Tue May 28, 2013 9:35 am

Mini Cracker (5) Surprise Me
Mini Flint (5) Surprise Me
Mini Xar (5) Surprise Me

Small Cracker (5) Regal Alpha
Small Bruiser (5) Surprise Me!
Small Clayton (Flop 2) CAPTAIN PLANET!
Small Elden (Flop 2) Icy Blue?
Small Xar (5) Onyx Black
Small Flint (5) Rogue Colors
Small Ridley (5) Rogue Marble
Small Basilisk Sheath Surprise Me!
[FB]Small Dormaeosaur (5) Mystery Color
Small Hanns (5) Light Natural
Small Apollo (8) Rogue Marble
Small Hanns (3) GOLD!
Small Basilisk Sheath Rogue Color
Small Chance Unflared (5) Custom Split
Small Scorn (5) Rogue Color
Small Sleipnir (5) Rogue Color
[EE] Small Orca (Soft/Firm) Custom Split

Medium Xar (5) Onyx Black
Medium Virgil (5) Surprise Me!
Medium Tailstretcher (Flop 3/5/8) Surprise Me!
Medium Elden (5) Natural
Medium Xar (3) Surprise Me!
Medium Legacy Unflared Chance (3) Natural
Medium Cracker (3) Frankenpour!
Medium Clayton (8) Frankenpour!
Medium Anthro Dragon (3/5) Purple/Black Split
Medium Legacy Flared Chance (8) Surprise Me!
Medium Sea Dragon (3/8) Split Forest Brush
Medium Xeno (8) Glacial Freeze
Medium Breeder (5/8) Split Arctic Ice
Medium Ridgeback (5) Custom Split
Medium Desi (5) Frankenpour
Medium Spritz (5) Rogue Colors
Medium Cracker (5/8) Rogue Color?
Medium Swampwyrm (3) Feathered Serpent
Medium Apollo (5) Gene Splice
Medium Moko (5) Frankenpour
Medium Flint (5) Rogue Color
Medium Kelvin (5) Rogue Natural
Medium Basilisk Sheath Surprise Me!
Medium Duke (5) Frankenpour
Medium Terra (5) Rogue Color
Medium Vasu (5) Rogue Color
Medium Wereablewerewolf Rogue Color
Medium Fenrir (5) Lightning Rod
Medium Cole (5) Custom Marble Split
Medium Chance Unflared (8) Rogue Split
Medium David (5) Dark Natural
Medium Hanns (8) RAINBOW!
Medium Sleipnir (3) Natural
Medium Ridley (3) Natural
Medium Tucker (5/8) Hot To Knot
Medium Razor (5) Custom Split
Medium Rex (5) Good Boy
Medium Basilisk Sheath Rogue Color
Medium Scorn (5) Golden Hoard
Medium Nox (5) GITD RAINBOW!
Medium Trent (5) Custom Split
Medium Ultimate Fantasy (5) Rogue Color
Medium Stan (3/8) Surprise Me!
Medium Nocturne (5) Custom Split
Medium Bruiser (3) Rogue Color
[FB] Medium Iguanodon (Medium) RAINBOW!
[FB] Medium Sauropod (Medium) Mystery
[EE] Medium Orc (Soft) Super Surprise

Large Xar (3) Split Midnight Aquatic
Large Winston (8) Surprise Me!
Large Xeno (5) Emerald Green
Large Dolphin (5) Halloween Black
Large Cracker (3) Citrus Orange
Large Breeder (5) Split Midnight Acuatic
Large Bruiser (3) Halloween Black
Large Cole (5) Frankenpour!
Large Elden (3/8) Surprise Me!
Large Clayton (2) Frankenpour!
Large Tongue (2) Frankenpour!
Large Naga (5) Raspberry Splash?
Large Water Horse (5) Surprise Me!
Large Dolphin (3/8) Surprise Me!
Large Desi (5) Surprise Me!
Large Anthro Dragon (5) Surprise Me!/Solar Gold
Large Gryphon (5) Surprise Me!
Large Luka (5) Surprise Me!
Large Stubbs (8) Rogue Colors
Large Virgil (5) Frankenpour
Large Waterhorse (8) Rogue Colors
Large Seadragon (3/8) Sinister Pumpkin
Large Flared Chance (3) Onyx Black
Large Spritz (3/8) Rogue Color
Large Ridgeback (8) Custom Split
Large Chance Unflared (5) Natural
Large Naga (3) Dark Natural
Large Tentacle (5) Light Natural
Large Tucker(5) Hot to Knot
Large Razor (8/5?) Rogue Split Marble
Large Ridley (3) Rogue Color
Large Nova (5) Rogue Color/ Cucumber
Large Xar (5/8) Custom Fade
Large Cracker (5) Custom Split Fade
Large Moko (5) Rogue Split Fade
Large Elden (8) Custom Marble
Large Nox (3) Night Drake
Large Tailstretcher (3) Surprise Me!
Large Chance Unflared (8) Rogue Fade
Large Chance Flared (5) Frankenpour
Large Apollo (3) Rogue Color (GITD)
Large Duke (5) Bad Dragon
Large Sleipnir (3) Natural
Large Ultimate Fantasy (5) Rogue Color / Bright Ass Yellow!
Large Flint (3) Natural
Large Vasu (5) Rogue Color
Large Rex (5) Custom Split Marble
Large Fenrir (5) RAINBOW!
Large Pretzal (3) Dark Natural
Large Crash (5) Rogue Natural?
[SPT] Large Slink Copper Orange Super Soft
[EE] Large Orca (Soft/ Hard) Custom Split

Extra Large Flint (5) Custom Fade
Extra Large David (5/8) Lunar Guardian
Extra Large Xar (3/8) Surprise Me!
Extra Large Nox (Flop 8/3/5) Frankenpour
Extra Large Moko (3) Onyx Black
Extra Large Appolo (5) Frankenpour
Extra Large Cracker (5) Split Midnight Aquatic
Extra Large Gryphon (5) Surprise Me!
Extra Large Nova (5/8) Custom Split Fade
Extra Large Winston (5) Rogue Treasure Collector
Extra Large Ridley (5/8) Split Midnight Aquatic
Extra Large Tucker (3) Onyx Black
Extra Large Tongue (8 Tip/ 3 Shaft/ Strip of 8 on Base) Frankenpour
Extra Large Chance Unflared (3/8) Custom Marble Split
Extra Large Gryphon (3/8?) Custom Fade Split
Extra Large Clayton (5) Raspberry Blue?
Extra Large Clayton (3) Custom Marble
Extra Large Chance Unflared (2/Packer) Onyx Black
Extra Large Fenrir (5) Lightning Rod
Extra Large Kelvin (5) Custom Marble Split
Extra Large Scorn (3/8) Custom Split
Extra Large Pretzal (3) Custom Fade
Extra Large Cole (5) Rogue Rainbow?
Extra Large Trent (5) Top This!
Extra Large Terra (3) Terra-Torial
Extra Large Rex (3) Really Rogue Alexandrite?
Extra Large Stan (3/8) Custom Split
Extra Large Nocturne (5) Custom Split

One Size/ Other:
Teenie Weenies! x35
Keychain Meng
The Cocksheath Surprise Me!
Beta Shark (8) Surprime Me?
Janine Surprise Me!
Floppy Cocksheath (5) Royal Purple
Bruce The Shark (8) Dark Natural
Experimental Nox (8) Slasher Silver
Experimental Equiknot (5) Rogue Colors
Experimental Chimera (5) Rogue Colors
Rogue Color Chico
Experimental Kippy (8) Surprise Me
Surprise Me Wear-able
Dukebutt Custom Marble
Hazel Rogue Color
Experimental Wolfdragon (5) Ardent Duality
[AV] Jelly Monster (Soft) Go Wild!
[AV] Stickleback (Soft) Go Wild!
[AV] Xeramus (Medium) Go Wild!
Royaldragon (8) Rogue Color
[AV] Deeldo (Medium) First Pour!
[PH] Splorch
Tabby the Anthro Shark Rogue Color/ Tiger Shark
Meng The Micro Dragon (5) RAINBOW!
BD Bullet Vibe
The Guardian (5) Split Midnight Aquatic
The Mountain Drake (8) Simmerscale
Kage The Anomaly (3) Rogue Color
Legacy Dragon Tongue (5) Metallic Green
Perry Rogue Color
[EE] Remus (Soft) Chocolate Chip Cookie
[EE] Double-Dog Dare (Hard) Super Surprise
[EE] Double-Ended Silver (Medium) Deluxe Surprise

Have Own
Medium Tentacle (Flop 2) Surprise Me!
Medium Legacy Flared Chance (5) Surprise Me!/Natural
Dragon Muzzle Rogue Color
Mini Clayton (3/8) Rogue Split Custom

On Its Way:
[EE] Small Werehorse (Medium) Super Surprise
[EE] Small Flared Werehorse (Medium) Super Surprise
[EE] Silver Plug (Soft/ Hard) Single Surprise

Eramos The Feisty Wyvern
Zorgalth The Exiled
Vergence The Anthro Raptor
Kingsley The Abyssal Drake
Crested Drake
Hilaya's Guardian
Hanns the Mandrake
The Royal Dragon

Grand Total: 176
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby TheVampire » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:32 am


Chance Flared
Name : Chance?
Size : Small
Color : St Patrick's Day Green
Firmness : 5

Crackers The Cockatrice
Name : Dutch
Size : Small
Color : Charcoal
Firmness : 2!

Moko The Liger
Name : Nicknamed " Big Balls"
Size : Medium
Color : Split Crimson Drake
Firmness : 3

Vergil The Drippy Dragon V2
Name : Draco
Size: Medium
Color : Split Midnight Aquatic
Firmness : 5
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Kisaki » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:49 pm


One Size
[5] Bruce the Shark (Adoption -- Split Marble)
[8] Experimental Equiknot (Adoption -- Split)
[5] Experimental Chimera (Adoption -- Metallic Single)
[3, SC] Legacy Varka (Secondhand* -- Natural) * Adopted from Napoleon
[3] Legacy Dragon's Tongue (Secondhand* -- Metallic Single) * Adopted from orobas
[10] Beta Shark (Adoption -- Single)
[5, SC] Bruce's Portside (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Rainbow Fade with Metallic Base and Sloppy Seconds Highlight)
[5] Kippy the Caline (Adoption -- Split Marble)

[5] Vergil the Drippy Dragon (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Light Natural)
[3/8] Dragon's Tongue (Adoption -- Split with Metallic Shaft)
[5, SC] Crackers the Cockatrice (Secondhand* -- Split Fade with Green Glow In The Dark Base) * Adopted from ravingsockmonkey
[8] Anthro Dragon (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Metallic Single)
[3, SC] Clayton the Earth Dragon (Adoption -- Split with Metallic Base)
[5, SC] Gryphon (Adoption -- Split with Pearlescent Base and Metallic Shaft)
[5, SC] Legacy Seadragon V2 (Adoption -- Split Fade with Metallic Base)
[8] David the Werewolf (Adoption -- Bioluminescent Marble)
[5] Nox the Night Drake (Adoption -- Split Marble)
[5] Xar the Karabos (Adoption -- Magma Drake)
[5] Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon (Adoption -- Greed's Downfall)
[5] Nova the Breeder (Adoption -- Marble)
[5] Spritz the Seadragon (Adoption -- Split with Metallic Shaft)
[5] Ridgeback (Adoption -- Split Marble with Metallic Base)
[5] Cole the Dane (Adoption -- Split Fade)
[8, SC] Legacy Breeder (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Metallic Single)
[5] Moko the Liger (Adoption -- Split Marble)
[5] Naga (Adoption -- Split with Metallic Shaft and Marbled Base)
[8, SC] Legacy Xenogon (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Pride Streak Marble)
[8] Razor the Doberman (Custom -- Giger Black)
[8] Bruiser the Fusion (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Single)

[3/8, SC] Elden the Faerie Dragon (Adoption -- Split with Highlight)
[5, SC] Bruiser the Fusion, (Adoption -- Fade)
[5/3] Crackers the Cockatrice (Adoption -- Split Fade with Pearlescent Base)
[5] Anthro Dragon (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[5] Ultimate Fantasy (Secondhand* -- Ebony) * Adopted from Teri
[5, SC] Clayton the Earth Dragon (Adoption -- Split Marble)
[5] Legacy Breeder (Adoption -- Fade)
[3/8] Dragon's Tongue (Adoption -- Gila Monster)
[5] Duke the Bad Dragon (Custom -- Bad Dragon)
[3/8, SC] Xar the Karabos ([Adoption -- Split Fade with Pearlescent Shaft)
[8] David the Werewolf (Secondhand* -- Dark Natural) * Traded from MossWolf
[5] Tentacle (Custom -- Fade with Blue Glow In The Dark Tip)
[5] Ridgeback (Secondhand* -- Split Fade with Metallic Highlight) * Traded from Splicer-Gene27
[5] Kelvin the Ice Dragon (Adoption -- Split with Metallic Shaft)
[8, SC] Nox the Night Drake (Custom -- Slasher Silver)
[5] Chance the Stallion Unflared (Adoption -- Split Fade with Marbled Base and Sloppy Seconds Highlight)
[2] Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[5] Vergil the Drippy Dragon (Adoption -- Marble)
[3, SC] Swamp Wyrm (Adoption -- Feathered Serpent)
[5] Nova the Breeder (Adoption -- Balls Deep)
[8] Ridley the Xenogon (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[5] Terra the Amazon Wyvern (Adoption -- Magma Drake)
[5] Apollo the Chimera (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[8, SC] Spritz the Seadragon (Secondhand* -- Split Fade) * Adopted from zaroki
[5, SC] Cole the Dane (Secondhand* -- Split Marble) * Adopted from zaroki
[5, SC] Legacy Xenogon (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Metallic Pride Streak Marble)
[5, SC] Tucker the Equinine (Adoption -- Hot to Knot)
[3, SC] Legacy Naga (Custom, Surprise Me! -- Metallic Single)
[8] Moko the Liger (Custom -- Infinity Star)
[5] Fenrir the Wolfdragon (Adoption -- Marble with Highlight)

[2] Tentacle (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[5] Ultimate Fantasy (Custom -- Ebony)
[5/8, SC] Legacy Breeder (Adoption -- Forest Brush)
[5, SC] Crackers the Cockatrice (Adoption -- Split Fade with Base Highlight)
[3] Clayton the Earth Dragon (Adoption -- Glacial Freeze)
[2] Dragon's Tongue (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[Cored] Moko the Liger (Custom -- Marble)
[2] Crackers the Cockatrice (Adoption -- Frankenpour)
[5/8, CT] Stubbs (Adoption -- Split Marble)
[8] Legacy Waterhorse (Adoption -- Split Marble with Metallic Silver Marble)

[8] Seadragon Lil' Squirt (Adoption -- Single)
[2] Legacy Cocksheath (Adoption -- Frankenpour with Bioluminescent Aqua Marble)

Teenie Weenies
Legacy Breeder (x2)
Chance the Stallion Unflared
David the Werewolf
Duke the Bad Dragon
Fenrir the Wolfdragon
Kelvin the Ice Dragon
Kippy the Caline
Legacy Naga
Natascha the Anthro Husky (x2)
Nox the Night Drake
Ridgeback (x2)
Ridley the Xenogon (x2)
Swamp Wyrm
Terra the Amazon Wyvern
Tucker the Equinine




One Size
[5] Hanns the Mandrake
[8] Meng the Micro Chinese Dragon

[8] Apollo the Chimera
[8] Kelvin the Ice Dragon
[any] Legacy Gryphon
[8] Ridley the Xenogon
[5] Tucker the Equinine
[8] Vasu the Naga

[5] Gryphon
[any] Legacy Vergil the Drippy Dragon V2
[5] Vasu the Naga

[3] David the Werewolf
[3] Fenrir the Wolfdragon
[3] Nova the Breeder
[3] Ridley the Xenogon
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby glittercorgi » Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:00 pm

Own: tentacle -- sea dragon -- Desi -- anthro dragon -- tailstretcher -- werewolf -- Razor -- tentacle -- liger -- Chance -- Desi -- gryphon -- dragon's tongue

I worked too damn hard to make these colors match up to let it go to waste.
I worked really hard on my last signature.
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Rahir » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:03 am

Those are some impressive collections you people have there. How do you even choose when it's playtime :?

I have so far: Medium Winston and Small Clayton. On the way: Medium Clayton and Small Cole. All of them in relatively boring stock colors, but where they're going, I have no eyes anyway XD
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Xannon » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:42 pm


Medium Vergil / 5 / Cumtube
Medium Tentacle / 3
Small Chanceflared / 3
Small Moko / 5
Small Clayton/ 5 / Suction Cup


Mary (For the man)
Small Tongue / 5
Female/24/Engaged <3

Image Image Image Image

You shouldn't have done that...
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby bukkit » Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:30 am

(picture soon)

☆ Clayton, 8, no extras --> split fade
☆ Cockatrice, 8, no extras --> split fade
☆ Cole, 2, no extras --> frankenpour
☆ Karabos, 8, suction --> split fade
☆ Lil Seadragon --> marble
☆ Lil Seadragon --> pearlescent

☆ Bruiser, 8, suction --> solid
☆ Chance Unflared, 8, cumtube --> fade
☆ Clayton, 8, no extras --> marble
☆ Cockatrice, 5, no extras --> split fade
☆ Karabos, 8, no extras --> split fade
☆ Moko, 8, no extras --> split marble
☆ Seadragon, 8, cumtube+suction --> gitd split fade
☆ V2 Vergil, 8, cumtube --> pearlescent
☆ Werewolf, 8, suction --> gitd (blue glow)

☆ Moko, 8, no extras --> 3 colour marble
☆ Winston's Tail, 5, no extras --> stripe

Damn Average Orc --> fade
Exotic Erotics Medium Hippocampus, no extras --> split marble
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Donut » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:42 pm

I don't own anything yet, but I have plans to purchase in the near future!

Wish list:
Small cockatrice 3 (custom marble with all over highlight)
Small anthrodragon 5 (custom fade with all over highlight)
Small karabos 3 (pride split)
Small werewolf 5 (custom fade with sloppy seconds highlight)
Small breeder (3 color fade)
★ Small naga (not sure on the colors yet)

And a cock sheath in a pear tree! (bioluminescent blue)

I also have a few non BD things I'd like:
☆ Liberator's Throe
☆ Liberator's Axis
☆ Liberator's Zomi toy bags
☆ Fun Factory's Stronic Eins
☆ Icicles No. 24 Glass Tentacle Wand
☆ A plug with tail attachment
☆ Tantus' Pelt

Ordered my first BD toy! I'm now waiting on a small soft Duke with the 5th anniversary special marbling!
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Vitani » Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:22 am



Medium Xenogon (5) Arctic Ice
Small Seadragon (5) Surprise me!
Small Cole (5) Custom Split
Small Bruiser (5) Custom Split
Medium Karabos (3) Natural
Medium Faerie Dragon (5) Natural
Small Clayton (5) Custom Split
Small Cockatrice (5) Regal Alpha

Toys I used to own that have been sold or traded:

Small Werewolf (5) Uber Werewolf
Large Dolphin (5) Halloween Black
Small Vergil -New Version- (5) Pearlescent Single

People I have sold, bought, or traded with:

Sold to:

Bought From:

Traded with:
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Fluffy-Succubus » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:09 am

Pics will happen when my collection is more impressive and my camera doesn't suck~
Cole Hot Poker/Medium, 5, Cumtube
Razor Glow-in-the-Dark/Small, 5
Duke Midnight Aquatic/Medium, 5, Cumtube
Werewolf Surprise Me/Small, 5
Bruiser Slasher Silver/ Small, Soft, Suction Cup
Moko Surprise Me/ Medium, Soft
Crackers Surprise Me/ Small, Split Firmness
Ripley Surprise Me/ Small, Soft, Cumtube
Studded, Rin
Xar, soft
Medium or Large Tentacle
Chance, Vinyl Scratch
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Re: Your Bad Dragon Checklist!

Postby Maya » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:08 pm

8 firm Seadragon Waiting on!
5 firm Seadragon
5 firm Clayton
5 firm Xar
Cored Anthro Dragon
5 firm Cockatrice
5 firm David
5 firm Flint

5 firm Chimera
5 firm Cockatrice
3 firm Moko
5 firm David
5 firm Bruiser
5 firm Nox the Night Drake

8 firm Tentacle
8 firm Spritz

Non-BD Fantasy
Small, 6 firm EE Hippocampus
Medium, 6 firm EE Phoenix

A little messy and the Breeder and Seadragon are a bit drunk, but here they are.

Somehow these all smush into one small drawer and my husband doesn't know I own them...=/
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