Hazel the Werewolfess

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Hazel the Werewolfess

Postby ToLoveAShadow » Sat May 10, 2014 4:23 am

Ordering & Shipping: I ordered Hazel in the Alpha Female color so I had about a 1 month lead time. Once it was finished it was shipped within a couple business days and I received it in a timely manner.

Appearances: As I said, I ordered the Alpha Female color and I was satisfied with how it turned out. There are no guarantees with appearances and it didn't look natural but it was still an appealing look for me, personally.

First Impressions: Upon my first uses of Hazel, the honest comparison to my normal hand technique was that the actual pleasure and stimulation wasn't significantly better. It actually wasn't much better at all, primarily it was just a different experience. The sensations were much more subtle, with little control over any clenching possible. However, it's a total experience and I was happy with her. It's certainly much easier to thrust and hump into her compared to a hand. For those who enjoy fantasizing during masturbation, having a toy like Hazel seems to be a large improvement over just a hand.

Extended Ownership Impressions: The more I used Hazel the more objective I became with her. I ordered Hazel because her internal designs looked the most exotic and thus the most pleasurable. That may be true for some men, but with my size the exotic entrance curve was often just difficult. I'm about 6.5" long and I feel as if most of my time inside her is spent getting past that bulge. This bulge makes it somewhat difficult to penetrate her, so I find that I need to be completely hard, otherwise it's just difficult. Any bit of softness and she doesn't like to let me in. However I found that flipping her around gives a workaround. This might be less of a problem for men who're significantly better endowed than my 6.5", and girthier, however added girth will likely exacerbate a problem I'll discuss in a moment. However, I found that you can use the reverse entrance to go straight to the subtly rippled walls. This provides a looser, milder, more subtle sensation. The exotic entrance creates a fairly tight sensation but with minimal other sensation. I imagine this usage feels more like the other female toys such as Mary and Janine and Natascha. Also, before ordering her, durability never even crossed my mind. However, upon holding her in my hands and looking at her, I realized the design of Hazel that attracted me so much was likely her greatest weakness: the intricate labia design. There are lots of small crevices in her design and many areas with minimal surrounding silicone... This brings me to my next point.

Conclusions with Hazel: After my last session with Hazel I found that there's now a tear in the silicone exactly where I was afraid would be the weakest area: her labia. Inside the upper lip on the right hand side a gouge is now developing. I haven't even had 30 sessions with her yet. It remains to be seen how much longer she'll last and still be usable but I'm fearing that I'll get less than 100 sessions with her. Hazel was my first toy from Bad Dragon and she was an experiment. If she proved enjoyable and durable out to 300-500 session, I would consider her a success and order more female toys. However, the likely sub 100 sessions at $155 for the toy and color means each and every session costs upwards of $1.50. ...For masturbating, that's a bit steep of a price considering the lead time on this product and the fact that, while satisfying and enjoyable, it's not terribly superior to normal masturbation techniques, for me personally. As it stands, I'll likely hold off on getting any other female toys unless Bad Dragon can revamp their silicone to make their female toys more durable, lower the purchase cost to balance out the cost/sessions usable, or a combination of both. She was a test and while I'll enjoy my time with her, the rest of my experiences with her will not be tainted knowing I'm just wearing her out more and more.

Miscellaneous Tips:
-A single bottle of Bad Dragon Cumlube seems good for anywhere from 50-80 sessions with my usage. I go for 10~ minutes a go, give or take 5 minutes usually, and I have a spray bottle to wet the lube when the water begins evaporating. Spraying the right amount of water can refresh water based lube rather well and extend it's useful life before needing to reapply, just be cautious of using too much water as you'll ruin the lubricating effect.
-The more lube, the better. I suspect using more lube with Hazel would prevent any friction tugging on her labia more than absolutely necessary, thus increasing her longevity. I'll be trying this in hopes of extending her useful life as much as possible now that she's begun developing tears.
-Condoms do not play nice with Hazel. They go through lube extremely quickly and when the lube is gone, they tug excessively at her labia. I tried a condom once just to see how it would work, after testing the condom's lube on a silicone sample and found it safe, but once is all I need to know it's not something I wish to try again. Besides, there's little reason to ever need to use a condom with a female toy anyhow.
-She's pretty fun to lick. The design of the labia gives you some places to explore inside her, however the lack of any clitoris in the design makes it a bit less satisfying of an experience using my tongue on her.

Hopefully this review proves useful to some people looking into Hazel. She probably wouldn't work well for men who're less well endowed, but would be pretty solid for those in the 8" or larger range I imagine. However, durability seems a major issue inherent in her complex design but perhaps generous use of lube would partially mitigate the risk. However, if Bad Dragon can improve their female toy durability significantly, then she's a satisfying enough of an experience to recommend to those of a size equal or greater than myself.
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George Washington
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Re: Hazel the Werewolfess

Postby George Washington » Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:09 pm

Was looking in to possibly getting a Hazel... I appreciate the review, it helped me.
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Re: Hazel the Werewolfess

Postby Scorpio » Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:08 pm

I've recently thought about getting myself a Hazel toy, so i thought this might be a good place for my question.
The part that got me more interested of Hazel than Natacsha was of course the curved entrance. But it's also the part that worries me. I don't know how soft those toys are yet and I'm uncut. Which means I still have the string connected from the head to the foreskin. Is there a risk that the cured entrance would make this uncomfortable?
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Re: Hazel the Werewolfess

Postby zarthosfox » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:51 pm

Hazel was my first BD toy as well and I have to say that I agree, she is very underwhelming. The internal textures are not felt very well even for someone of my girth and the entrance, while aesthetically pleasing, does not overcome the fact that she is much too tight and the material does not have enough give to it to make getting past the curve pleasurable. If they remade Hazel in a much softer, stretchier silicone or a similar material to a fleshlight, and with a smaller diameter tunnel then she would be a mind blowing experience, but as she is I don't think she is worth the money. However, don't let that put you off buying any other BD products. Since Hazel was a disappointment I recently bought a Natascha, and WOW is she a major improvement :o You have to spread the entrance just a bit to get inside, just enough to get your tip in, but once you are inside and get a decent pace going, wow is the only word that seems to fit lol The internal textures are noticeable, even for someone like me who is not all that sensitive. The material has just enough give to it that you don't feel like you are being squeezed too hard, like with Hazel, but the material also has enough firmness to resist deformation and therefore feel just tight enough to be pleasurable. I'm not quite at the 6 1/2 length myself, just below it at 6.25, but I'm kind of girthy at 5 1/2 diameter, so Natascha is just right for me. She stretches enough that I don't believe I will have to worry about any tearing. The entrance is still very aesthetic and she is hefty, just like Hazel, so is easy to thrust with. Right now I only have Hazel and Natascha as penetrable toys from BD, but I plan on eventually buying an anthro mare as well to compare. As far as lube goes you really only have to use a little bit of any of the thicker lubes. Too much and you lose the sensation of the textures, too little and you can't penetrate or thrust. If you do get another BD toy try warming it up in steaming water for a couple of minutes as well, as this can greatly increase the sensation.
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Re: Hazel the Werewolfess

Postby Willow » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:36 pm

Hm, I'm not well-endowed like 8". I have pretty average 6-6.5" and I have a hazel. I have to say that I never had much problem with her. The curve (which I believe you meant when you said bulge) was a nice change of pace and liked how exotic it was. I, too, loved the look of her labia... but have experienced no tearing (as I can see). As for how she feels. She's ok. Not great, but not bad either. She can get me off with no problem, but I many other toys who give me way more stimulation; I tend to use those more often to finish. Every once in a while I do crave some canine pussy and she has me covered.
Of course she doesn't want you soft, she's a dominant lady that wants it hard and rough. At least that's how I envision her. :P
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