does anyone else ship BD characters Echo/ Snowball

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does anyone else ship BD characters Echo/ Snowball

Postby twinkle-little-bat » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:11 pm

I thought Echo and Snowball would make a good couple. As they are both based on beasts of burden from cold places. Plus they look sweet together. So I had to draw them both together. I'd love to know if anyone else ships, other BD characters together.

this was and entry for the BD 90's add contest
bd 90's jpeg.jpg

snowball echo.jpg

This I drew, on a really hot day and thought the idea was cute. plus wrote a story to go with it.
It was way too hot Echo felt like he was going to melt, boy did he wish he had sweat gland (as gross as that would be. It had been a really warm summer and even though Autumn was on it's way, the weather still hadn't shown sign of cooling down. It was weather like this that make him feel homesick for his frozen home planet. He'd spoken to Snowball about how he felt and Snowball told him he felt the same about the North Pole. Which made him feel better, as he wasn't the only one feeling the way he did. Snowball had invited home over to his house as he had borrowed a Ice slush machine from one of his relative and told him that they could spend the day in his swimming pool. Echo really liked this idea and thought it would be the perfect way to cool off.

When he arrived at snowball's he was bouncing around his garden he was so happy to see him. Though he was a little confused when he saw Snowball's pool was just a tiny paddling pool. "Snowball " he murmured trying to find the right words. He really doubted he would fit in the tiny pool, never mind both of them. "Hang on, to that thought. I'll be right back " Snowball giggled. Before disappearing back into his house. Before reappearing with two blue and red slush drinks. Echo sighed the little deer had obviously gone to a lot of trouble, to try and cheer him up. "Don't you think this pool is a little on the small side" he asked. "But I thought you'd like this!" Snowball sniffled looking really sad :crying: . "Please at least give it a try" he added. "As although my pool is small we'll be closer together and have my whole garden to ourselves".

Echo hadn't even thought of that and smiled, that's why he liked him so much. He could make the simplest things so much fun. He let him lead to the tiny pool and found it was more comfy than it looked. he handed him a drink and before climbing into the pool with him grabbed a nearby hose and soaked his fur with it. Before climbing into the pool and sitting on Echo's lap. He cuddled in, his wet fur felt nice and cool.

Echo sipped his drink, admitting defeated. "This isn't as bad as I thought it would be!" he teased. Snowball wrinkled his fuzzy in annoyance. Which made Echo giggled, he was so cute when he sulked. Snowball took a sip of his drink and suck his blue stained tongue out at him. "your tongues stained blue" Echo laughed. So is yours Echo snickered.

Another victory for Snowball, this had been a nice day. Echo would need to reward him later. One he had finished cooling off. Things were going to heat up :laugh:

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