Sounding + water injection = Massive Cumshot!

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Sounding + water injection = Massive Cumshot!

Postby [email protected] » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:46 pm

Not long ago I started practicing sounding ( inserting things inside the male urethra).

I use Bad Dragon's Teenie Weenie as insertion tool, starting whit ika and a lot of lube, being sure to go all the way down to lube the urethra as well as possible for larger teenies.

Then I move to Echo, which is not much larger than Ika, slowly spreading the two restrictions ( if you never tried, those two restrictions are smaller holes within the urethra) and the lube struggle to get trough, so if you go too fast is incredibly painful
( thrust me is horrible, the pain last for days when you pee).

The biggest Teenie I can take is nox, but is still a bit uncomfortable.

Now let's talk about serious business!

I modified an Echo teenie by punching a hole trough and inserting a vinyl tube on the base, to make it like a Lil squirt but smaller.

Using two syringes ( one with water and one with lube) I start by using the lube one to prepare my urethra for the water so is more comfortable.
slowly filling the member with lube you can feel the shaft inflating and that is really pleasurable, then... Get ready!! Things from now on will get a lot messy!

Then let go and watch a thick long string of lube shooting away ( UP TO 50 cm in distance)
Now you technically can go with lube but can be a mess when you're done ( not talking about all the lube you wasted everywhere)
So moving on water, changing syringe be sure to bleed the air from the tube, is not a good idea to fill your member with air ( unless you want to fart from your penis! DO NOT DO IT IS PAINFUL)

Using the water you can fill as much as you want ( even a full syringe if you desire, but the excessive water will get to the bladder.

For the water lube the toy first and then insert it all the way down, so it can hold the pressure. fill the water until you are comfortable, then contract your member, i find it incredibly pleasurable, the sensation is the same when you cum, but because you plugged the entrance it has no way to go besides staying inside the member.
when you decide to let go simply stop holding the teenie and let the charged water fly in the distance.

basically, more water you inject, higher is the pressure, therefore, the pleasure, the shot power, distance, and thickness.
The only limitation is how much pressure you can hold before the pressure force the water back into the bladder.

My longest shot was 120cm (47in) :misc12:

The best orgasm in my life
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